Tuesday evening turned into a wild night for Corey Graves on social media. It all began with a tweet from former NXT talent turned independent wrestling announcer Alyssa Marino, who shared some thoughts about announcing and how there is often too much focus on the appearance of the wrestlers (especially women’s wrestlers) than there is the story of the match.

“When an announce team can’t focus on a match and is constantly commenting on the physical appearance of competitors (especially when it’s women in the ring), it’s time to find professional broadcasters who can tell the story without being ‘distracted’ by the athletes,” Marino said in the first of two tweets. “I don’t often share my takes on things, but I work hard to prepare myself as a broadcaster. I’ve studied how great commentary teams can elevate matches, but it’s really grating to hear announcers get lost in how attractive they think competitiors are in the midst of a match.”

Marino’s tweet made no mention of Corey Graves, nor any mention of WWE for that matter. Despite that, it didn’t stop Graves from responding to Marino hours later, suggesting that she was in the wrong line of work before sarcastically wishing her luck.

“Well then, I suggest you find a different field than sports entertainment,” Graves tweeted. “If you can’t differentiate between a TV character and an ACTUAL journalist, then I don’t trust anything you have to say. Good luck.”

Marino has yet to respond to Corey Graves’ rebuttal, but many wrestling fans did, criticizing Graves for his response. Undaunted, Graves responded to one fan by claiming he was defending his in-character commentary of his fiance, WWE RAW star Carmela, despite the fact that Carmella hadn’t been mentioned by Marino either.

“Responding to criticism about how I speak ON TV about a CHARACTER portrayed by my ACTUAL fiance trumps any of your ‘woke’ b------t…but you do you,” Graves retorted. “You’re welcome for the signal boost.”

Somehow, Corey Graves was not done. After another fan responded with criticism for his remarks, Graves once again defended his remarks towards Marino, accusing her of not understanding the difference between fiction and reality (Marino’s point, it should once again be noted, was discussing how matches should focus on the fictional story and not appearances). He did so while once again putting one word in all caps for further emphasis.

“Where, Norman, did I say ANYTHING about her gender?” Graves tweeted. “I specifically targeted her lack of understanding between fiction/reality. Please..correct me.”

Evidently done with responding to fans, Corey Graves decided to close the deal with one final tweet on the matter. He put over Carmella, accused people of being offended of his commentary towards her (even though it appears no one took issue with it) and referred to himself as a “troll buffet” while showing remarkable restraint in not all capping a specific word.

“In 2021, being engaged to an absolutely, wildly talented, beautiful woman, and talking about how amazingly beautiful and talented I think she is on TV because we work at the same place is somehow offensive to some people Twitter,” Graves said. “Call me the ‘troll buffet.'”

You can read Alyssa Marino and Corey Graves’ tweets on the matter below.

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