WWE Hall of Famer Madusa recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily to promote the upcoming documentary The Flying Greek. During the interview, she discussed the current state of women’s wrestling and how each era has helped it get where it is.

“I think it’s spectacular. It circles back to what I was saying, we are where we are at because everybody before that did their job. Every era is an evolution, every era is a revolution, you know? Every era is a learning situation,” she stated. “Either you liked it or you didn’t, it was good or it wasn’t. But it brought us to this point and it’s still going to elevate, and it needs to. It needs to elevate or change or the product is just going to stink.”

Madusa then spoke about how there is a lack of female legends that get brought back for runs in wrestling. She pointed out how men are able to come back regardless of age, but it isn’t the same for women.

“Here’s my theory on that. We have men in their 60s out there, signing contracts, still making money, making debuts once every quarter. Why can’t a legend woman? We haven’t changed,” she stated. “Here’s the criteria, every guy, or man, not every, but men would like to say, ‘women’s wrestling is better, it’s gotten better, they’re getting paid, they’re just as equal now, there’s intergender wrestling,’ No. It’s still not, it still hasn’t changed. You’ve got one or two women making a million dollars and the rest aren’t. When you’ve got hands and hands and handfuls of men making it.”

Madusa admitted that society has told people that women of a certain age just become ugly. She added that the mentality is that wrestling is a younger sport.

“When we get a certain age, women all of a sudden just became ugly,” Madusa said. “Men, bless their heart, they seem to get better looking, right? That’s what society says. But women, people feel that when women get older, they don’t need to be seen. We’re getting older, we don’t look good, whatever the case is. So we don’t belong. This is a younger sport; this is a younger person’s job. That’s the mentality. Except for, it’s okay for men to still have the legends work, so our system is still busted.”

The Flying Greek will premiere at the Fox Theater in Springfield, Missouri on December 10th. Tickets can be purchased for that, HERE.

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