Mick Foley Explains Why WWE Feud With Jon Moxley Never Came To Fruition

Mick Foley recently talked with Busted Open Radio where he reflected on his storyline with Jon Moxley. The two men briefly feuded before Moxley made it to the main roster of WWE. However, the WWE Hall Of Famer didn't pass the impact test, which he opened up about.

"I did not fare well on the WWE impact test. I went to a neurologist independent of WWE and he told me I should never wrestle again. WWE's neurologist said the exact same thing," he revealed. "This is something that I am so proud of, and it shows I am a wrestler to the end. When Robert Cantu, one of the most respected neurologists in the country tells me I should never wrestle again.

"I look him in the eye and say, 'I can work an entire match around my left knee,'" Foley revealed. "He says, 'Mr. Foley, you struck me as a very bright young man when I met you a couple of weeks ago. Since then I've been doing some research on you, you've got a lot to live for. If you think you can find another neurologist to clear you, then that's up to you. But I am telling you, you should never wrestle again.' That was the end of the Moxley angle."

Mick Foley recently got to meet Thunder Rosa, and she left a positive impression on him. He revealed that she is a super cool person who feels it inside the ring, which he thinks only a few people do.

"She strikes me as one of those really rare people who feels it every time she's getting in the ring. I'd like to say I felt it every time. I didn't," Foley admitted. "Ric Flair did, Terry Funk did, and it's a short list. But she's someone that's just like, lives, breathes wrestling. She's such a super cool person."

Mick Foley continued to talk about the AEW star, revealing she had a big impact on a show he did recently. The Hall Of Famer believes that she put buts in seats.

"She got the biggest pop. I think it was a big reason why we had such a big house in San Antonio. We had almost 300 people on a Monday. By that time, the very high end for any of my shows, my shows are normally 150 to 200. Three years ago, I didn't dare do a show on Monday because I thought, 'I can't compete with Raw.' So she put some butts in seats and we had a good time."

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