Photo: Hulk Hogan Seen Holding A Walking Cane

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan was recently spotted at a CVS Pharmacy.

Fans on social media pointed out how Hogan looks even slimmer and trimmer than his last public appearance, which was a few weeks ago. As seen in the photo below, Hogan is holding what appears to be a walking cane.

Last month, Hogan joked about his drastic weight loss, informing fans via Facebook that he had dropped to his 9th grade weight of 275 pounds.

The new photos of Hogan seemingly contradict recent comments by Ric Flair, who stated on his podcast that The Hulkster is "having some really bad health issues."

Brooke Hogan revealed back in October that her father is "feeling great" and working out at least of two hours in the gym every day.

A few weeks later, Eric Bischoff provided a similar update on Hogan's health, revealing how the pro wrestling icon had embraced a healthier diet.

"Although the training is a little bit different than it used to be, he's doing his physical therapy four or five days a week, a couple hours a day," Bischoff revealed. "Gets home and spends another hour or two in the gym and is eating as healthy as he can eat and I'm sure he's praying his heart out to try to get a lot of the mobility back that 17 back surgeries and a couple hip replacements will take away from you."