Seth Rollins Compares His Wrestling Character To Iconic Movie Villain

Seth Rollins recently spoke with Josh Martinez about the wild suits he has worn over recent times. The Drip God character is one that has gotten over with the WWE Universe, and Rollins revealed why he created the character.

"Honestly, it was just about doing something different and doing something fun. It all started when we were in the middle of the pandemic and we were doing shows in front of no crowds and we were doing the ThunderDome stuff. A lot of the content I was seeing on our TV and basically in wrestling and entertainment was real dark," Seth said. "Basically, it was just kind of felt laborious to watch it and sit through it because there wasn't a lot of fun.

"So, thinking back to the characters of my youth and the guys like the Nature Boy Ric Flair, the Macho Man Randy Savage, and Gorgeous George further back. Guys like that where they were just peacocking all the time," he stated. "I wanted to find my own version of that and make it fun to hate somebody. So, I just thought it would be totally different from what I've ever done, and so here we are."

Seth Rollins then touched on his new character in more detail. Away from the flash suits, he explained what the gimmick actually is. He likened it to the Joker, noting that it is quite unpredictable, which he likes about it.

"If the Joker were a narcissist going through a midlife crisis. I guess that's the best way to really put it," he stated. "I don't really know any other way to really do it, it's a lot, there's a lot happening. But the cool thing about the character is it can go any which way.

"There's a lot of unpredictability with it, I think that's fun," Rollins stated. "You can have matches like a Hell in a Cell with Edge, but you can also have television segments where I just laugh with my best friend Bayley for five minutes. I just think there's not a lot of characters on our television program that can do all these different things. So that's my approach to where I'm at right now."

Finally, Seth Rollins discussed the clothes that he wears on television. Each week the Drip God is seen in a different outfit, some of which have been crazy. However, he was able to narrow down which one has been his favorite to this point.

"It would be so hard to go back," he admitted. "It'll never be worn again, it's probably in a dumpster somewhere, but the one I wore for the blood bath. The all-white attire that ended up being all-black by the end of it. That to me is one of the more memorable ones because that's not one you get to see every day. That one really stands out in my mind, I would say."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Josh Martinez with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.