Lucha Bros manager Alex Abrahantes recently spoke with AEW Unrestricted, where he talked about initially being paired with Penta El Zero Miedo. He revealed that they spent the day prepping what Penta would say and that the masked wrestler was nervous about it.

“Penta and I got together, and we were talking about, ‘okay, here’s kind of the plan. Here’s what I am going to say.’ I got together and spent pretty much the entire day with him,” Alex revealed. “Just making sure that we had it. This was his big moment. He’s never spoken really for the most part, and never in English, so this was a really big deal.

“I was so pumped for him,” he said. “Obviously, I was thrilled that I got the chance to kind of help him out with this. So we spent kind of the entire day prepping with him, and I could tell that he was nervous. Because this was obviously such a big deal, right?”

During that promo to Cody Rhodes was the first time Alex Abrahantes and Penta had been seen together on television. This is where the classic, ‘Penta says,’ catchphrase began. Alex discussed how that came about, and why he needed to match Penta’s energy.

“The moment comes. Cody starts talking, and Penta grabs the microphone. He says, ‘hey Alex,’ so I go along with him, ‘Penta says, Hey Cody, essentially, I am 1,000 times better than you.’ At the moment, I am kind of processing everything,” Alex said. “And I am thinking to myself, if I say that just as a translator, it’s going to be flat. And that’s not what Penta is.

“Penta is all about passion and excitement and when you see him, you automatically get amped up. Because the guy is just pure charisma. So I said to myself, I can’t just translate this just like a commentator, this is going to be flat. And I know we are building to this, there’s passion behind his voice, so I have to be passionate too. So I remember saying, ‘Hey Cody, Penta says, he’s 1,000 times better than you,’” in a more animated manner. “I needed to match what Penta was saying.

“And then, ‘Penta says,’ just came out,” he admitted. “Because, well that’s what he’s saying. He then goes and says, ‘if you’re the Prince of pro wrestling, I‘m the lord of Lucha Libre.’ Well, I remember I said, ‘Penta says,’ and the second time I was like, ‘oh man, if he continues I have to continue this, it just makes sense.’ So we got a reaction there.”

After that segment was over, Alex Abrahantes wasn’t sure what the future would be for them. He claimed that he wasn’t sure what would happen until they were doing a pre-tape together.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen next,” Alex admitted. “And then the next thing you know, I’m doing this kind of pre-tape with Penta, as his translator.”

Alex Abrahantes then revealed the one moment where it all sunk in for him. The Lucha Bros manager said that came when his face appeared on the graphic behind Penta, which led to him feeling like his work had paid off.

“But the moment where I just lost my mind, I remember when we were filming Dynamite. And it was every other week in Jacksonville,” he added. “And the following week, it was going to be Penta vs. Trent. Well, the graphic appears on the screen and I’m behind Penta. I was just like, ’what!’

“At that moment, I was just so emotional,” he said. “Because I’m like, ‘oh my god. All of this work to get to this moment and here it is, and it just happened so organically.’ God, I can’t explain it, I’m so grateful. It was just awesome. From that moment on, I’ve been living such a dream.”

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