Big E Says He’s “Really Proud Of The State Of Black Wrestling”

Former WWE Champion Big E was a recent guest on The PWI Podcast. The New Day star spoke about how he didn't want to be a brooding character or wear black. He noted that the fact he got to the top on his own path made it more rewarding overall.


"We have so many people, and this isn't a shot at anyone. But in wrestling, you have a ton of characters that wear black or are brooding or are serious. I didn't want to be someone that the people had already seen before," he said. "I didn't want to try and be another Brock, or Mark Henry, or John Cena, or whoever it is, I just wanted to be me, and that's what to me has made this extra rewarding, as I feel like I got to do it my way."

Big E then spoke about the black wrestling scene in general. He admitted to loving where things are right now, not just in WWE but the entire industry. Big E added that he is proud of that, and how wrestlers aren't stereotypes.

"Honestly, I really love getting to this moment where we are at in WWE, and I think just in wrestling in general. When you look around and there's so many really dope black performers," Big E said. "And what I love is that so many of us are one of one's, and authentic, and feel like ourselves. I love that we are getting to this point where we are not all getting forced into a certain box or certain stereotype. So yeah, more than anything I am just really proud of the state of black wrestling."


While Big E is pleased with how the wrestlers are improving, he is also happy about the impact on fans. He noted that members of the audience are now able to see themselves or their culture on television.

"I feel like we have a lot of fans, a lot of black fans, especially who love wrestling and have for a long time. But didn't necessarily see themselves or their culture reflected on wrestling TV," he said. "I love that we are getting to that point."

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