Danhausen Fills Out “A&W” Job Application

While he might be injured at the moment, Danhausen remains as popular as ever with the wrestling world. With Ring Of Honor now on hiatus, there has been a lot of speculation about where he could end up. Danhausen shared a recent job application on Twitter, to give a hint of what he could be doing.


Danhausen wrote:

"Very busy, very evil day filling out job applications."

With that was an application for employment to A&W All American Food. However, it was obviously a nod to AEW. Within his special skills, he claimed: Making Money, Really Strong, Hypnotizing, Everyone Loves Danhausen.

He then stated that he had 'all of them,' when it came to any degrees. Danhausen also noted that he was fired from his previous job (which was ROH) while claiming his job title was a 'wrestling master.' He also had time to put down some references. These included: 'Tony – boss – takes care of business. CM Punk – great friend. Billy Ass – strength coach.'

He and CM Punk have gone back and forth plenty of times on social media. Meanwhile, he often pokes fun at the Gunn Club, calling them the, 'ass boys.' There are plenty of hilarious videos and interactions between all of them.


Right now, Danhausen is rehabilitating a broken leg, which he suffered on Halloween in 2021. Despite the injury, he has continued making appearances at conventions and creating content for his popular YouTube channel and social media pages. Danhausen is currently a free agent.

"[The doctor] did not give Danhausen an exact timetable but Danhausen is going in, actually a week from today in the morning," Danhausen said during an appearance on Tuesday's episode of Wrestling Observer Live. "And he should get an updated diagnosis [and find out] when he can put full weight on it, which will be quite nice because then we can begin to start doing [physical therapy] all those sorts of things to get back into the ring. So, hopefully not too long. Danhausen is hoping for February or so."