GCW’s Effy recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he gave his explanation of what a ‘clout vampire’ is. This is a phrase that he uses to describe well-known talents that just insert themselves into situations that are over within the industry.

“So far, it has been a lot of guys that I refer to as ‘clout vampires’ who are just seeing what’s over, what’s hot, we are going to insert ourselves in it. Remember what we did in ‘91, and ‘01, and ‘07, and not many of our new fans that are coming in, in a lot of cases to see me, but a lot of other things too. They don’t remember you, they don’t remember that you were on TV, they don’t remember what you did.

“Nobody watched your sh*t growing up, these are people who are coming in and they’re a different audience than we’ve had before. Instead of respecting that we are bringing in people that you couldn’t get, your just trying to pick them up like they’re the same wrestling fan in ‘94 or ‘98, it’s a different world.”

Effy explained how certain former WWE stars might be working on the independent scene, but that doesn’t mean they’re over. He believes that the things the GCW roster does are able to get people talking.

“I think there’s a lot of them, and they get confused though,” he said. “They think, ‘oh if I can just go out on the indies it’ll work.’ But unless you’re kind of targeting or seeking matches with people that the audience cares about in our world, it can be a lot more difficult. I mean no offense to anyone, Jarrett worked indie shows recently, Cardona worked indie shows recently, a lot of these guys work indie shows.

“It doesn’t mean they’re being talked about, it doesn’t mean they’re being discussed on a large level. The stuff that I and my roster mates in GCW. Wherever we are at, and whatever we are involved with, it’s being discussed. There has to be some validation at least on the table to say, ‘well whatever you are doing is working for in a sense, can we be a part of it?’ versus ‘well we used to be really good at this, we are going to be a part of it.’”

Effy went on to label AEW star Chris Jericho as a ‘clout vampire.’ He believes that the former WWE Superstar was begging to have Nick Gage involved, and he does things that are over at the time.

“GCW is its own thing, we are not eating off of everyone else. Everybody goes, ‘well, you’re eating off these ROH and AEW guys now,’ they came to us. I go back to Nick Gage’s quote all the time, ‘they come to us Effy.’ Even when he appeared on AEW. Nick Gage wasn’t going around going, ‘hey guys, do you think I can be on AEW?’

“Chris Jericho is begging to have Nick Gage on there, another f**king clout vampire. Another clout vampire, who goes, ‘oh is OC over? I’ll fall in the juice, is Nick Gage over? Oh, I’ll do the deathmatch on TV.’”

Effy will take on Jeff Jarrett this Sunday night at The Wrld on GCW available via FITE

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