GCW’s Effy recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he gave his opinion on the GCW locker room and its reputation. He concedes that some people like to party, but overall, there is a lot of care and a sense of family behind the scenes.

“I always applaud everybody’s choice to get help, to admit things to themselves, to seek treatment. That GCW locker room gets a lot of rap,” he said. “People say we party and people say we go all night, and some people do. But the environment there has never been one of necessity or peer pressure, or anything along those lines. And, I know in the past two years we have dealt with a lot of crazy stuff that has happened outside in the world.

“The sense of family, the sense of lookout, the sense of carefulness. I am not going into any details, but we had a situation recently where there was a fan threatening to do some pretty crazy stuff and we are immediately informing each other, we are immediately on the lookout for stuff. This is a locker room that goes, ‘hey we want you to have fun. But if you’re fun night is going upstairs and watching dateline and chilling in the room, cool that’s great.’”

Effy went on to claim that he hopes all locker rooms end up being the same as what GCW has right now. He pointed out that being around people who are willing to talk and be friends is crucial.

“I think the GCW locker room, I hope is the future of locker rooms,” Effy said. “Because, I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms where people don’t feel comfortable speaking up, people don’t feel comfortable talking, people don’t feel comfortable being themselves 100% and it makes for a less pleasurable day.

“A very mean man, one of the most hated wrestlers in the world said to me, ‘the match is eight minutes, but we’ve got to be around each other for 12 hours,’ so when you have an environment where people are willing to talk and be your friend. But also, step in the right direction when you need to, it’s awesome.”

Effy also went on to discuss how GCW is different from other promotions. That is because the company has allowed Jon Moxley and Nick Gage to take time away, with no complaints as the roster is ready to step up.

“We don’t have the same rules as your wrestling companies, to the rest of the world. If our champion needs to go and handle things and come back later, we are good. If Nick Gage needs to go off and handle some injuries and get himself back to ready, because he had a hell of a year and went through a lot of pain and beating and turmoil in the biggest matches of his life, cool. We will handle it,” he said. “We are always ready to step up to the plate.”

Effy will take on Jeff Jarrett this Sunday night at The Wrld on GCW available via FITE

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