GCW Notorious Results & Photos: Kevin Nash & Sabu, Matt Cardona Crowns Himself ECW TV Champion, More

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash and ECW Original Sabu made special appearances at GCW's Notorious event from Harpo's Theatre in Detroit, Michigan on Friday night. This was a homecoming for both of the pro wrestling veterans.


Nash used to be a bouncer at the same venue, and was brought out after the second match. Nash announced that he has his own Jackknife Kush strain of cannabis coming out in Detroit soon. He talked about being happy to be back in Detroit, and introduced Alex Shelley. This was a reunion of their Paparazzi Productions group that ran in TNA from 2006-2007. Shelley praised Nash as the best mentor he's ever had, and said that helps him pass on what Nash taught him to today's up & coming wrestlers. This was described as a fun segment that ended with a funny "Too Sweet" between Nash and Shelley. Nash was way over with the hometown crowd.

Sabu was later brought to the ring to be honored by his hometown crowd. He was praised and thanked for 30 years of contributions to the business. He was then given the microphone but before he could speak, as if he would have, he was interrupted by Atticus Cogar. Cogar insulted Sabu for doing nothing these days but be on Twitter and do $20 shoot interviews. Cogar said he looked up to Sabu until he met him and saw he was nothing but a "broken down fuck with a broke back and a broken bank account."


Cogar threatened to attack Sabu but Matthew Justice made the save with a steel chair. Justice fought Cogar into the ring and allowed Sabu to hit him with a chair shot to the face. Justice and Sabu celebrated to ECW chants from the crowd as they prepared for the Cogar vs. Justice match, which Cogar won. The bout included several tributes to Sabu, who watched the match from nearby. The finish saw Cogar win via roll-up after Justice was distracted by Gregory Iron and Bobby Beverly grabbing Sabu. After the match, Justice took the mic and praised Sabu for a huge pop and standing ovation from the hometown crowd.

Below are quick results from GCW Notorious, which streamed live on FITE TV and is available for replays, along with a few photos/clips:

* Gringo Loco defeated Nate Webb, Dante Leon, Jimmy Lloyd and Ninja Mack in a Scramble Match

* Jordan Oliver defeated Leon Ruff. This was originally scheduled to be Ruff vs. Rich Swann

* The Nash segment was held next

* Alex Shelley defeated Jimmy Jacobs

* Matt Cardona with Chelsea Green defeated Rhino in a wild brawl. Cardona and Green cut a pre-match promo on Joey Janela, who will face Cardona at The Wrld On GCW on January 23. Rhino came out to a hometown pop and called Green a crack whore, warning her to stay out of his way. They brawled into the crowd and back into the ring at times. At one point Cardona swung a replica of the WWE ECW Title but Rhino ducked and the referee was hit. Rhino tried to Gore Cardona through a door he pulled from under the ring but Green clawed his eyes to make the save. Rhino then put Green through the door with a Gore. Cardona followed up with a low blow to get the pin. Cardona cut a post-match promo and announced himself as the new ECW World TV Champion because Rhino was the last one to hold the title back in 2001


* Tony Deppen defeated Dark Sheik

* The Sabu segment was held next

* Atticus Cogar defeated Matthew Justice in another wild match, which included tributes to Sabu. Gregory Iron and Bobby Beverly came out and grabbed Sabu, who was watching the match, at one point, and this distracted Justice as he was about to win. Cogar then took advantage and got the win via roll-up. Justice praised Sabu and the original ECW after the match, which led to a standing ovation and huge pop for the ECW Original

* Effy and Allie Katch defeated 2 Cold Scorpio and Ricky Morton. After the match, Effy cut a promo on Jeff Jarrett to continue their feud

* GCW Ultraviolent Champion Alex Colon retained over Hoodfoot Mo Atlas in the main event. This was another violent match with lots of weapons, panes of glass in the corners, light tubes fastened to the ropes, containers of salt, and more. The finish saw Colon pour a large container of salt into wounds on Mo's head. Mo kept coming so Colon poured even more salt in his wounds and made him tap out with a Camel Clutch