During the latest episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast, long-time pro wrestling producer Keith Mitchell revealed why he has retired from the business. He spent 40 years working for a variety of promotions from WCW, to TNA, to AEW.

“Several different reasons. First of all, JR told me he was coming back today and I wanted to see him while he was here. It kind of was closure with the whole Jacksonville thing,” he said. “Originally I was thinking about making Dallas my last day but my plan sort of got pushed back a little bit.”

Keith Mitchell had a brilliant career overall in wrestling. He has worked with AEW from the start until last week. However, with his time in the business now over, he revealed why now was the right time for him to finish up.

“My wife has been retired for five years,” Keith Mitchell stated. “I am ready to slow down a little bit work-wise and just travel and have fun. Show her some of the places that I’ve gone and seen.”

Keith Mitchell then spoke about the future of his role within AEW. He hopes that there are people who can replace him. However, Mitchell also revealed that he’s offered help to Tony Khan, telling him to call if needed.

“Hopefully there are people that have done the job that I’m doing enough. There are two different positions, like I said. The line producer, which is the nuts and bolts during the show,” he said. “Then the executive producer where you’re making long-term decisions and such. I’ve told Tony, ‘call me.’ If there’s things I could help out with, I can consult from the ski resort.”

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