Former Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor and WWE star PJ Black joined The Wrassingh Show and proceeded to spill some beans. When asked if the now free agent would be interested in going to AEW, Black revealed that he was. Why? Because his good friend, former WWE star John Morrison, is interested in going to AEW.

“You know what? I actually reconsidered it about three days ago,” Black said of joining AEW. “I was with my good friend, John Morrison and his 90 days is up very soon! So, I mean, we don’t really have any plans but we were in the ring, working on some stuff and you know, cutting some fun promos and see what we can come up with, and doing some movement exercises. And that came up, because he really wants to do something (in AEW).

“So I was like ‘I’ll be open to that if we do something together.’ I mean that’s also not set in stone. We might do something together, we might not, we might bring back Worldwide Underground! I mean, that will be freaking awesome since nobody owns the rights to those names. That’s some fun stuff that we can do with that. But yeah, we don’t really have a plan but he did convince me to be open to that and I was like ‘okay.'”

John Morrison, also known as Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact, and his real name, John Hennigan, was released in November of 2021. He is currently scheduled to make his in-ring return at AAA Rey de Reyes in February, where he will challenge Hijo del Vikingo for the AAA Mega Championship.

While they were in Lucha Underground together, PJ Black and John Morrison were part of the stable Worldwide Underground, alongside Morrison’s real-life wife Taya Valkyrie, Jack Evans, and Ricky Mundo. Valkyrie was also released from WWE in November of 2021 and has since stated she would love to wrestle AEW power couple Adam Cole and Britt Baker alongside Morrison. Evans is also on the AEW roster, as a member of the tag team TH2 with Angelico and the Andrade Hardy Family Office stable.

In addition to the AEW talk, PJ Black also revealed he isn’t a fan of the rebooted NXT 2.0, particularly its logo and color scheme. While a colorful personality himself, Black feels that the new NXT look is a bit much.

“I’m not too sure about this 2.0 stuff,” Black admitted. “Like that logo looks terrible! You know, I’m all about colors. Like people who know me, where I wear colorful stuff in real life and in the ring. But that logo just doesn’t do anything for me man. This looks too colorful!”

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You can watch the full interview below.

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