Janai Kai sat down with Andrew Thompson to talk about her AEW Rampage match against new TBS Champion Jade Cargill back in December. Despite the short amount of time the match was given, Janai Kai was determined to make the most of it and leaned on advice from Santana Garrett to make the most of her minutes.

“Yeah the AEW Rampage spot gave me more exposure,” Kai said. “This is actually another thing I learned from Santana (Garrett). When you know you’re not gonna get a lot of time, make the most of it. So the way that I handled myself and did everything in the ring for that little time, that was all Santana in my head telling me ‘okay, make sure you pose well. Make sure you circle the ring how you usually circle the ring. At least circle your style in one way and that will get some sort of attention.’

“So that’s what I did and it honestly worked because if I had not did the pose or circled the ring like how I usually do, then I just would have been another random person to be honest. Because when I go on Twitter, everyone was saying how cool I was. I was like ‘I have like three seconds in the ring’ but they were just talking about everything else detail-wise. I was like ‘okay. So this is what Santana meant and this is how it actually does work out’ so, yeah. I think with that overall experience, you know, it is what it is but I’m so thankful that I knew how to handle it.”

Janai Kai hasn’t appeared for AEW since that episode of Rampage, though she did appear on several of Ring of Honor’s final shows under their current incarnation. Kai is hopeful to appear on AEW programming again when they come to her hometown of Washington, D.C. in a week’s time.

“I really hope now that I do come back to AEW and really showcase what I’m all about because that was just of course like nothing man,” Kai said. “That was nothing. So yeah, I really hope I do come back. I know there are people that did express that too that wanna see more and, yeah, it should be super crazy to come back because I know they’re coming to D.C. soon so I hope that I’m part of that. So if you come to D.C. man, let me tell you, it’s gonna be on, it’s gonna be on.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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