Former WWE Performance Center coach Scotty 2 Hotty was a guest on Talk Is Jericho recently. He recently quit his role training younger talent in order to step back into the ring as a wrestler. However, he reflected on the process of coaching, revealing the impact he had on Lacey Evans.

“Seeing them grow from the ground up and all of a sudden, they’re at WrestleMania. Like somebody like a Lacey Evans,” he said. “I taught her how to throw a punch, and I ended up naming the punch, you know, the Woman’s Right.

“Then you see that being used. I am in the gym doing cardio on Monday night or whatever, and I see her on TV in the gym. There’s a pretty cool payoff to all of that. I did, I fell in love with the job.”

The former Tag Team Champion then revealed two names he specifically requested to coach. Those were Rhea Ripley, and Raquel Gonzalez, as Scotty 2 Hotty felt they needed more confidence.

“I specifically asked for those two,” he revealed. “They just needed the confidence, you know how it is, the confidence changes everything. I had never had any women in my class up to that point, and really never again afterward, which is kind of weird. I had them working with guys, I had them working with Ricochet, I had them in there with Marcel, Fabian, Lio Rush was in my class at the time.

“They just kind of needed to learn to lay their stuff in and not hold back, which they would do with some of those smaller girls. All those guys I mentioned can go. They just needed somebody to lead them and increase their confidence, and that’s what happened.”

One big gripe that fans have had over the years is how talent have been used after getting called up to the main roster. Scotty 2 Hotty admitted it is frustrating, and he’s unsure of why that has been the case.

“It’s frustrating, right? I can’t even explain it,” he said on NXT talent struggling on the main roster. “A guy like Bobby Roode, and I’m like, ‘they’re going to love him. He looks like a man.’ A guy like Roode had worked for years and years just to get there.

Eric Young’s another one, they go up and I go, ‘I can’t wait to see this SAnitY entrance on a big stage, it’s going to be so cool.’ They go up and nothing. It happened over and over.”

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