Shayna Baszler Reveals Inspiration For Recent WWE Ring Gear

Since joining the main roster, Shayna Baszler has begun to experiment with her in-ring attire. The Queen of Spades has kept her signature spearhead emblems across her tights but has pulled from popular franchises for design inspiration.


"For me, there's so much lore in something like Warhammer, Star Wars," Baszler told Metro UK. "So when I look at things like that – I started reading those things when I was younger, but now I'm like, 'Wait a minute, so if I did this...'"

Speaking of Warhammer, Baszler rocked some green and red gear this past fall inspired by the popular video game franchise.

”That's a thing I've had a lot of fun with. Recently, I've done the Warhammer gear – and Warhammer's not super popular in the US, it's a very niche thing, whereas a lot of UK fans recognize it," Baszler said.

Many current wrestlers have turned to film franchises and comic book characters for gear inspiration over the years. The New Day is known to don various video game attires, while former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano has pulled from the likes of Wolverine and Venom for his NXT Takeover attires.


Just as Gargano combines Marvel heroes with his own logos, Shayna Baszler emphasized she approaches in-ring attire with a balance of inspiration and originality.

"It's fun because not only just creatively, thinking, 'How can I make a set of wrestling gear that is recognizable?'" Baszler said. "You don't wanna straight-up copy – but it's recognizable. That's been a fun outlet."

Beyond being a fun Easter egg for fans, Baszler noted that this type of thinking with ring gear helps keep her creativity active.

"It's very cool to think like that," Baszler added. "I think having that sorta thing that you're into keeps your juices flowing."

Shayna Baszler currently competes for SmackDown, which airs every Friday at 8 pm EST on FOX.