In an appearance on The Show, AEW manager and color commentator Taz talked about the in-ring debut of his son, Hook. Predictably, Taz admitted his emotions were all over the place regarding Hook’s debut, and he was ultimately hesitant about calling the Hook’s match with Fuego del Sol.

“I was a mess,” Taz said. “He was cool I was on commentary. I didn’t want to commentate this match. Tony’s like, ‘you got to.’ I said to Hook ‘what do you want?’ He goes ‘whatever you want to do, whatever.’ He didn’t care and I’m like ‘I’d rather sit in the audience next to my wife and watch it.'”

Taz would end up calling the match, which saw Hook emerge victorious after just a few minutes. Taz stated he was proud of HOOK, but also revealed it was the hardest match he’s ever had to call.

“I’ve called a lot of matches, a lot of years,” Taz admitted. “That was the hardest match for me to call because I, I emotionally connected. I’m one of his trainers and he’s my son and you know, it was weird for me, it was really weird. But I’m obviously very proud of him.”

Another thing Taz revealed was that he and Hook don’t interact a ton at AEW shows, with Taz preferring to let his son do his own thing and not crowd him. He also told 2Point0 and Daniel Garcia about some of Hook’s living habits.

“I stayed away from him and he probably was happy about that,” Taz said. “So I let him do his own thing. You guys see I’m normally not with him that much backstage. I just let him do his own thing. I don’t think he wants me around, me either. We love each other, but he’s at work. I actually see him more at work than back in town, at home. You know, I don’t see him much. He’s always doing something. He’s got a couple of places, he lives in a couple of different places. He’s kind of like a nomad. Like you think Hook would be, that’s Hook.”

You can watch the full show below.

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