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Tag Team Battle Royal #1 Contenders Match

It’s time to see who is going to Revolution. Everyone rushes into the ring to kick off the action. Ten teams vying for a shot at the Tag Team Championships. The crowd boos The Gunn Club after they try posing. However, it backfires when Austin Gunn is eliminated by his own partner on accident. Both members of The Gunn Club are eliminated to make the first official team out of the match. Billy Gunn doesn’t look pleased with his sons.

The Butcher plows through Matt & Nick Jackson and does the same to Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly. Trent Barretta gets tossed onto the apron by The Butcher, but Chuck Taylor stops the elimination. Chuck Taylor manages to toss The Butcher over the top rope to get him out of the match.

The Best Friends try to take out Fish & O’Reilly, but it’s pointless. Taylor is eliminated. The ring is starting to dwindle down a bit. Matt Hardy can’t believe his investment team are both eliminated. His frustration continued to grow. Hardy storms away leaving Private Party alone at ringside.

Santana eliminated 2.0, but The Young Bucks easily take out Ortiz. Santana’s now going at it alone. The Young Bucks face off with FTR, but before anything can happen reDRagon attacks FTR from behind. FTR and reDRagon trade blows in the corner.

FTR ELIMINATES NICK JACKSON. Matt’s still in the ring, but he’s going solo following his brother’s elimination. Trent’s tossed over the top rope, but Orange Cassidy makes the save. Their team lives to fight on in this content. Trent eliminates Bobby Fish! FTR is the only team with both members still involved.

Tully Blanchard’s on the outside trying to interfere, but he accidentally eliminates Cash Wheeler. Nobody has their partner left in the match. Everyone remaining is going at it solo. O’Reilly takes control of the match momentarily before Trent halts him. The only two men standing at Santana & Trent. The two men trade blows with the crowd firmly behind the action. Santana gets planted with a suplex, but Trent can’t capitalize. Santana nails Trent with a massive lariat grounding him.

Both Santana & Trent are trading moves on the apron which gives the opening for O’Reilly & Jackson to eliminate them. Only four men are left in the ring. O’Reilly gets Harwood onto the apron and into a leg submission. Harwood tries to drop O’Reilly with strikes on the apron and stomps him. However, Bobby Fish returns to ringside and takes Harwood out of the match. It’s either going to be reDRagon, Young Bucks, or Dark Order going to Revolution.

Nick Silver takes control of the match but gets leveled with a series of superkicks from Matt Jackson. O’Reilly takes out both men to win the match for reDragon!

Winners: reDragon

After the match, Hangman Page storms the ring and takes out reDragon. Adam Cole tries hitting Page with a sneak attack, but Page turns the tables on him. Before Page can hit his lariat on Cole, reDragon removes COle from the ring. Page takes advantage of O’Reilly being thrown in the ring to take him out instead.

Page gets on the mic and tells a story about Cole’s desire to win the AEW Championship. He says Cole never realized he was moving closer and closer to a six-foot hole in the ground. Page says Cole’s taking one step too close to the grave and the better Adam will hit him.

Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviews Bryan Danielson. He says he’s going to show Daniel Garcia the difference between their mentors tonight. Danielson also tells Jon Moxley that tonight he will bleed with him.

MJF hits the ring to discuss his upcoming Dog Collar match with CM Punk. He says he knows he’s not the easiest person to like, but he wants an opportunity. The audience boos. MJF says it’s easy to believe he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he says the only reason he got out of bed in the morning was wrestling. He says he loves AEW and meeting CM Punk meant the world to him.

MJF says he has severe ADHD and every day at school was hell. He says football was the one thing he was good it. He was one of only two Jewish kids on the team. MJF asks the crowd if there any “Jews” in the house. He said one day he saw his teammates walking up to him, but they looked angry. They were holding rolls of quarters, and they all threw the quarters at him. They said, “pick it up Jew boy”. He cried at home, but he stopped when he remembered he got to meet CM Punk.

CM Punk was his hero, the guy he looked up to. He wanted to learn how to speak up for himself and be just like CM Punk. He had football scholarships left and right, but he didn’t care. All MJF wanted was to be just like CM Punk. MJF references the moment CM Punk quit WWE and left all of his fans. He says he buried his happiness and dreams after learning about it.

MJF made a promise to not leave people high and dry that look up to him. He declares himself better than CM Punk and that Punk knows it. Punk storms down to the ring with a confused look on his face. Punk asks MJF if his story was true, if it’s real. MJF refuses to answer and leaves the ring.

Kings Of The Black Throne vs PAC & Penta Oscuro

Penta hits two superkicks to Kings Of The Black Throne and follows it up with a dive to the outside. The bell officially rings, and it’s PAC starting things off against Black. Pac hits a powerful 450 Splash, but it’s not enough for the win. PAC tags Penta who hits a series of leg strikes on Black. Penta gets Black back into his corner and gets PAC back into the ring. PAC & Penta are staying on Black giving him no opportunity to tag Brody King.

Brody King’s finally in the match and hammers PAC and goes for the cover. PAC kicks out, but King remains on him with strikes. King gets PAC into his corner and sticks his foot in his neck. Black’s tagged in and hits PAC with a series of leg and knee strikes. Black and King exchange frequent tags to keep PAC isolated from Penta.

King lands a big boot on PAC after sending him running into the ropes. He clubs PAC with blow after blow. King lifts PAC to his feet and hits him with a chop that sends him crashing back to the matt. He goes for the cover, but PAC easily gets his shoulders up.

King delivers another series of clubbing lows to PAC’s back. King uses PAC against Penta to take out both men. King’s firmly in control of the match and lands a suicide dive to both men on the outside. Black’s back in the ring and hits his signature strikes and follows it with a german suplex to PAC. It’s still not enough to keep The Bastard down for the three count.

Penta lands a crossbody on King to take him down. All four men are down and the ref begins the count. Black’s the first to get to his feet and they attempt a double team maneuver. PAC hits King with a pump kick to the jaw, but it’s not enough to take him down. A second one is still unable to take him off his feet. Finally, King’s hit with a german suplex to take him down. However, Black makes a secret tag. Black attempts to use the mist, but he’s stopped by Penta. Penta uses that distraction to get the pinfall on Black for the win.

Winners: PAC & Penta Oscuro

Following the match, King ambushes Penta from behind. It’s a total beatdown. King turns his attention to PAC and stomps him in the corner. Black brings Penta’s shovel into the ring and places it on Penta’s neck. The lights go off, and BUDDY MATTHEWS IS IN THE RING. Black looks like he’s seen a ghost.

Black backs away from Matthews in fear, but then Matthews hits PAC with a ferocious kick to the face. Matthews stomps Penta in the corner as well. King takes out the legion of security that tries to hit the ring. The House Of Black is tearing through everyone. Black sets up a chair for Matthews to stomp Penta’s face into.

Eddie Kingston & Chris Jericho both make their way to the ring. The crowd sings JUDAS, and Kingston is over it. Kingston doesn’t appreciate the security in the ring, and Jericho refers to Kingston as a street thug. Kingston says he doesn’t know why they’re doing this because he’s not a sports entertainer. He says since Jericho’s not going to fight him, they might as well get two women in the ring to wrestle.

Kingston says it’s a wrestling company, not a sports entertainment company. Jericho says they’re down the road from Stamford, but he guarantees this sports entertainment will actually be entertaining. He says he had never heard of Kingston before they hired him. Jericho says he thought they were talking about Eddie Edwards at first. He says Kingston looked like a jobber. Jericho says when he heard Kingston’s promo, he realized this guy was good. He says Kingston has something special and what it takes to get to the top.

Chris Jericho said it wouldn’t be long before Kingston became a huge babyface in AEW. Jericho says Kingston got over his physical and mental issues and finally made it to the big time at 38 years old. He says he never gave two shits about Kingston’s sob story or him in general. Jericho says Kingston’s jealous of him because he made it to the big time when he was 22. By the time Jericho was 38, he had already main evented PPVs and been world champion. He also made millions of dollars.

Chris Jericho says Kingston knows deep down he could never be at his level. Kingston says he doesn’t care about what Jericho’s saying. Kingston said Jericho main evented all of those events because he wasn’t there. He says he’s not like the others that lie. Kingston says he’s going to do this his way and be himself until he dies. He says Jericho’s sucking the blood out of him.

Kingston issues a challenge for a match against Jericho at AEW Revolution. Jericho says Kingston is terrified to make it to the top and level he’s on. Jericho claims Kingston would fall if he ever made it to the top. Chris Jericho brings up Kingston’s uncle and father who he claims are both failures. He says deep inside Kingston feels he’s a failure and can’t win the big one.

Jericho says he’s the big one in the company, not anyone else. Chris Jericho accepts Kingston’s challenge for AEW Revolution. However, he says Kingston won’t win the big one, but if he beats him, he will look him in the eyes, shake his hand, and give him his respect. Kingston says he wants the version of Jericho that won the AEW Championship. Kingston says to give him the Jericho that Levesque hated. Jericho says Kingston will always be a loser and never win the big one.

Face of the Revolution Qualifying Match Ricky Starks vs Dark Order’s 10

Starks and 10 lockup, but 10 quickly drops him. He locks 10 into a side headlock, but 10 reverses and drops Starks. Starks regains control and tries a shoulder tackle. 10 manages to get Starks in the corner for a series of chops and punches. He hits Starks with a big forearm to the face. Starks misses a swinging DDT and finds himself in a delayed vertical suplex by 10.

Starks gets back in control but keeps taunting the crowd. He hits 10 with a backbreaker which sends 10 into the corner. Starks rams his shoulders into 10’s gut and poses on the turnbuckle. Starks is spending most of the match taunting the crowd. He hits a clubbing blow to 10’s back, sending him crashing into the mat.

10 makes it to his feet and chops Starks into the corner. Starks fires back with his own chops and a knee to 10’s gut. With 10 on the ropes, Starks whips him but ends up on the receiving end of a leveling shoulder tackle.

10 catches Starks into a full nelson and releases him to nail a huge lariat. 10 goes for another full nelson and locks it in completely. Starks rips at the mask to break the hold and hits a big spear on 10 for the win! He’s going to Revolution.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Backstage The Young Bucks accuse reDRagon of double-crossing them. They still have a chance to find their way into the title match at AEW Revolution. Adam Cole says they have to get along with The Young Bucks because he has a lot on his plate.

TBS Championship Match Jade Cargill vs The Bunny

Jade easily dominated The Bunny in the early portion of the match. Jade takes her down with a big kick to the face. She works over Bunny’s arm, leaving her writhing in pain. Bunny manages to get Jade out to the apron and knocks her down. With Jade on the apron, Bunny hit her with a running forearm from behind.

Jade crawls to the corner while back in the ring, and Bunny hits her with a running double kick to the back of the neck. Jade reclaims control and easily hits a kip-up to return to her feet. She attempts a bicycle kick, but she’s stopped by a forearm by Bunny. Bunny hits a series of stomps on Jade in the corner and chokes her with her foot. She lands a running seated clothesline on Jade, but it’s not enough to win the title.

Bunny places Jade in a chin lock and wraps her legs around her body. Jade escapes and lands a big back elbow on Bunny. Bunny doesn’t stay down long and rakes Jade’s eyes. Bunny charges Jade, but ends up getting slammed to the made with a spinebuster.

Matt Hardy’s ejected from ringside after trying to interfere on Bunny’s behalf. With Jade distracted, Bunny tries to roll her up, but it’s not enough for the upset. Jade transitions Bunny into a facefirst slam into the match to retain her championship. Still undefeated in AEW.

Winner (and still champion): Jade Cargill

Jade gets on the mic and asks who’s next, and Tay Conti makes an appearance! Conti says she’s the one who is going to beat Jade’s ass and races into the ring. She gets into Jade’s face, but Bunny interjects and attacks Tay Conti and gets knocked out. With Tay busy with Bunny, she doesn’t see Jade’s pump kick coming which takes her down. It’s unknown if this will take place at AEW Revolution or not.

Bryan Danielson vs Daniel Garcia

Danielson & Garcia lock up right away, but Danielson takes the early control. Danielson hits Garcia with an uppercut. However, Garcia fires back with a punch. Garcia lands two chops on Danielson’s chest, but Danielson easily takes him down. Danielson fires off a series of punches and puts Garcia into a submission. Garcia tries rolling toward the ropes which forces Danielson to break the hold.

Danielson gets to his feet and smashes Garcia in the face with a kick. Danielson runs the ropes and gets leveled with a chop block by Garcia. Garcia works over Danielson’s leg and puts him in a submission. Danielson regains control for a moment, but it’s short-lived. Both men trade quick submissions until Danielson lands his signature leg strikes in the corner.

Garcia takes down Danielson and slams his leg off the ring post. Danielson’s in pain, but Garcia hits him with two more for good measure. Garcia gets Danielson into the corner for a chop, but Danielson quickly makes him trade places. Danielson lands a few chops before being taken down by his damaged leg. Garcia hits Danielson with a dragon screw to further damage his limb.

Danielson gets out of the ring and Garcia tries suplexing him back in. Danielson suplexes him out of the ring instead and follows it up with a knee off the apron. He climbs to the top rope and levels Garcia with a missile dropkick. Danielson delivers punishing strikes to Garcia and locks in a half crab. The half crab turns into each man trying to use a heel hook. Both men get to their feet and Danielson hits a tiger suplex. Danielson gets the cattle mutilation locked in, but Garcia gets out and grabs him for an ankle lock.

Both men are trading blows with the young upstart hanging in there with Danielson. Garcia slaps Danielson, but he gets caught by a series of stomps to the face. Danielson wins with the triangle sleeper.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

2.0 ambushes Danielson after the match, but Jon Moxley storms the ring to make the save. He easily takes out both men. Garcia tries to smash Moxley with a chair, but Danielson stops him. Moxley drops Garcia with a Paradigm Shift to take him out of the equation.

Danielson gets on the mic and brings up Moxley’s comments about bleeding together. Bryan agrees to a match against Moxley at AEW Revolution but tells him not to be surprised if he’s the only one bleeding.

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