Booker T Names Additional Stars He Wants In The WWE HOF

During the latest Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T looked ahead to the annual Hall Of Fame ceremony. On the heels of Undertaker announced for this year's WWE HoF, Booker spoke about the possibility of Doink The Clown being one of the inductees this year.


"I'm not against that one bit," Booker T said on Doink being inducted. "Matt Borne in himself was a hell of a worker and had a hell of a career, as well as Doink The Clown, it's iconic. The original Doink The Clown, I loved it. So yeah, I would definitely give him the nod."

Another wrestler that Booker T spoke about was Shane McMahon. The son of Vince was reportedly let go from the company recently, due to backstage heat following the Royal Rumble. However, Booker believes he is worthy of an induction. He pointed to the moments that Shane has managed to carve out during his time in the wrestling business.

"I think so. I think Shane can be recognized as an in-ring performer as far as what he contributed to the business. Some of the feats that Shane McMahon has pulled off," he said. "Just go back to talking about Kurt Angle and that over-the-top suplex through the glass. That one right there is something that totally sticks out in my mind. As well as him jumping off the tron, that one totally sticks out in my head, as well as off the cage. The guy has got Hall Of Fame moments."


During a previous episode of his podcast, Booker T had spoken about Shane. He had revealed that during his era in wrestling, they all viewed Shane as one of the boys.

"I do know that Shane McMahon not being one of the superstars on the show, he's always been one of the hardest workers. I do know also that we, the talent back in the day, we always looked at Shane McMahon as one of the boys, we really did. But I do know something also — all of those guys that Shane McMahon was in the locker room with back in the day, I don't know if any of them are still in the ring."

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