During the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho, Britt Baker spoke with three women’s wrestlers from different generations: Madusa, Jazz, and Britt Baker.

Within the interview, Madusa spoke about women’s wrestling, and how she loves watching AEW.

“I think the women are really exciting to watch, you guys really kick it. I love watching AEW, I really do, I love watching all of them,” Madusa stated. “There’s so much out there in so many places for wrestlers to go.”

Jazz and Britt Baker then spoke about the growth of women’s wrestling. This is something that has been taking place for a long time. The wrestling legend spoke about what she wanted to see. For her, that is an all-women’s PPV event, which she thinks AEW could do.

“Most definitely, it’s growing,” Jazz said on women’s wrestling. “I can almost see a company like AEW having a whole show just for a women’s division. And maybe they’ll bring me in to be a coach.”

Britt Baker then gave her thoughts on what she would like for the future of women’s wrestling, which was different from Jazz. For her, she wants women headlining shows to just become a regular situation.

“I am kind of going to go the opposite way of Jazz,” Britt admitted. “Instead of an all-women’s show, just making it a more common thing for the women to be the main event of the men’s show. So that it is both of our shows, so it’s not just a huge deal if there’s a women’s main event on a Dynamite, or a Raw, or SmackDown, or a PPV. It’s a good match so it’s going to be the main event, and that’s that.”

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