CM Punk Worries He Could Go To Jail If He Fights HOOK

Speaking with Abe Kanan of Chicago Radio's Rock 95.5, CM Punk spoke about the dream matches he'd like to have while with AEW. The former WWE Champion highlighted several superstars within the company as people he'd like to face in the coming months and years, even naming one of the hottest rising stars in AEW right now.

"It's such a compound answer, but everybody on the AEW roster [I would like to wrestle]. If you look at it, Cody. Cody is a big one. I'd really like to mess with Cody and his fans. 'Mr. I don't want to be a bad guy,' I'll tell you what you're going to be. The Young Bucks, I'm always backstage pitching ideas for me and a tag partner vs. The Young Bucks. I've always wanted to tag with Bryan Danielson. I'll fight him too, what about Jon Moxley? I've never wrestled Jon Moxley, I've wrestled Dean Ambrose.

"[Kenny Omega?] Would love it. I don't know what's going on with Kenny though, I read what everybody else reads and I hear about surgery, and I don't know how positive or true that is. I just know he's banged up for sure and I'm glad he's taking some time off because when CM Punk does wrestle Kenny Omega, I want him to be 100%. There are so many dudes, how about Hook? That kid, for the first time, someone's making memes saying 'CM Punk fears Hook,' yeah, I do 100%. I'm 43 years old, he's like 16, I don't want to get in trouble. You go to jail for that sort of thing nowadays."

Since his return to wrestling last year, Punk has been in feuds with Eddie Kingston, Team Taz, Darby Allin, and most recently, MJF. When CM Punk wrestled his first match for AEW at All Out, his long-time friend Bryan Danielson made his first appearance for the company at the end of the show.

Since both former WWE superstars have spent the last several months in AEW, Danielson has taken a different path than Punk, having fought for the AEW World Championship already, where Punk has yet to be involved in a match for the company's top prize. Danielson even teased the possibility of having a match against Punk, but the two have yet to face off in an AEW ring. Speaking about a potential match with Danielson, Punk revealed that he'd love to face Danielson at Wrigley Field in Chicago and mentioned what that match would mean for his career as a whole.

"That would be the biggest thing I've ever done in my career hands down," Punk said. "I don't know if they have ever done wrestling at Wrigley. I would very much like to wrestle at Wrigley, Soldier Field. I think Chicago is always a hot market for AEW and I do think those are things in the realm of possibility. You just have to find the right match and build a card around it."

You can see CM Punk's full interview with Abe Kanan below:

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