Doudrop Reveals WWE Gimmick Vince McMahon Initially Pitched Her

WWE Superstar Doudrop recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman at the Royal Rumble media row in St. Louis. During the interview, she revealed a backstage story about her interaction with Vince McMahon. He wanted the happy version of her on the main roster to be all about dancing, because he saw her doing that backstage.


"It was really funny because he wanted me to come out and dance," she reflected. "I was like, 'I don't know if you looked all up in that C.V., but it did not say dancer.' I was kind of like, 'what am I doing? I don't like this.' Then one day I got backstage and he goes, 'goddamnit, I see you out there shaking your ass all afternoon, why can't you do it out there?'

"I was like, 'you've absolutely got me over a barrel there,' because seeing me when I am rehearsing. When he said that, he was like, 'I just want the people to see your personality that we see back here.' I was like, 'oh man, you have completely stunned me with that.' I totally got what he meant. And from that point on, that's when I started to get more comfortable with jumping around and dancing."


Nowadays, Doudrop is portraying a darker version of the gimmick, working as a heel. This is something that she's relishing, as the Scottish wrestler is able to tap into the other side of her personality.

"Then with evil Doudrop, as some people are calling it, which I love," she admitted. "I just feel like it's the opposite side of my personality. I think for me personally, I am either super bright and bubbly, or I am a little brat and crabby. So, it's kind of nice to let both sides of the real me come through."

Doudrop also spoke about the body positivity message that she pushes. That's something that she is happy to do. The Raw Superstar stated that she is doing that to be an influence for her stepdaughter.

"I love it, and it's hard, don't get me wrong, and it can be very wearing. I think because it's so much easier to put out negativity in the world than it is positivity," she stated. "But one thing I am a big believer in is that if we all gave up on social media then all that would be left is negativity. That's no good for anybody, is it? But for me, one of the most important things was being a good influence for my stepdaughter.

"I used to want to change so many things about myself. I wanted to get big lips and liposuction and all this stuff. But if I did that, then all of these things that I am trying to teach her about how beautiful she is, and how she should love herself would just be hypocritical. So I just want to lead from example and say, 'hey man, you don't have to look Barbie doll perfect to be awesome.'"


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