WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre recently spoke to In The Kliq about his recent match with Madcap Moss at the Elimination Chamber premium event.

The former WWE Champion picked up the victory, but the match featured a scary spot when Moss landed directly on his head from a reverse Alabama Slam. McIntyre admitted he didn’t realize how bad it was in the moment.

“I didn’t realize how bad it was, but I saw the clip back. I understand that, let’s just say, he zigged when he should have zagged. The move didn’t go the way it’s supposed to go. I was aware of that, but I did not realize how bad it was. And the fact that you know, he was okay. I did double-check that,” he revealed. “I could see it in his eyes he was good. He was double-checking to make sure he could finish the match and after the fact, the necessary precautions were taken, and thankfully now he’s all good.”

Drew McIntyre then spoke about the danger that comes from the wrestling business in general. He pointed out that they’re trained professionals, but things can wrong, and he is happy that Madcap Moss is fine

“That’s the thing about this job, all it takes is one second and everything can, everything can change,” he said. “And people have their opinions on wrestling, etc, but we were out there. You know, live-action stuntmen, you know, putting on those high-end contests that were trained at such a high level that you don’t think twice about it. Like, when you’re watching it because everybody’s so good at what they do, but sometimes in those moves, if one thing goes wrong, if somebody tucks when that’s not the plan, horrible things like that can happen. I’m just very thankful that he’s okay.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit In The Kliq with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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