Hook Reacts To CM Punk Calling Him Out, Tony Khan Talks Hook's Following

AEW star Hook recently spoke with Mashable's Matt Binder and talked about his success with the company so far, how he became a meme, and being a second generation wrestler. The son of Taz noted that it was wild to see the early reactions he was receiving from fans.

"It was really wild to see the reaction I was getting for that minimal role I had out there," Hook said. "I saw that I was gaining traction with that response from the fans, I felt I had something and I really wanted to make sure to make the most out of every opportunity that was given to me and just keep it rolling."

AEW President, CEO, General Manager & Head Of Creative Tony Khan also commented on how Hook was developing a following before he ever made his in-ring debut.

"He wasn't actually wrestling in matches, he was mostly appearing in the background," Khan said. "But he got a big response from the fans, and his cult following grew and grew."

It was noted that things really changed during an AEW Dynamite segment between CM Punk and Team Taz in October, seen below. Punk challenged Taz to send one of his proteges to the ring for a fight, and mockingly suggested that Taz "send Hook," who still had not wrestled his first match. This is how the "Send Hook" meme and catchphrase was born.

"I didn't know that Punk was going to call me out, I was taken by surprise," Hook said. "It was crazy. It was wild."

Hook said the pressure from then on was outrageous, but he felt like he could turn the momentum into something that was not a joke.

"The external pressure was outrageous," Hook added. "...I felt if I can make the most out of each opportunity that I had out there, that I could turn it into something that wasn't just a joke."

Hook finally made his AEW in-ring debut on the December 10 edition of Rampage, defeating Fuego del Sol in his hometown of Long Island, NY, using his father's signature submission. Taz said the whole thing was surreal.

"It was surreal, to be honest with you," said Taz, who was on commentary for his son's debut. "The whole thing was surreal."

Taz agreed that children of pro wrestlers get a leg up on everyone else, but there's an intense pressure to deliver and live up to the family name. Hook said this serious business to him.

"It's weird being the subject of something like that because this is serious to me. This is my career." Hook said. "But at the same time, that internet is what is such a driving force in today's world."

Since defeating Fuego del Sol on Rampage, Hook has picked up additional Rampage wins over Bear Bronson, Aaron Solow, and Serpentico.