Jade Cargill Reveals Original Plans For Her AEW Debut

Current AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill recently spoke with Talk Is Jericho about her original AEW plans. While she is now established as a top heel for the women's division, that wasn't always the goal. She revealed that being a babyface was the first idea. However, on the day she appeared, that was shifted.

"I was actually being groomed to be a babyface," Jade Cargill revealed. "So when they legit popped it on me like the day of, 'you're going through the heel tunnel,' I was like, 'what, huh? You're telling me I am a heel? Okay, alright, let me look into this more.' It was shocking, I had a whole come back."

Jade Cargill also discussed winning the TBS Championship. She defeated Ruby Soho to make that happen, and she enjoyed working with her. However, Jade was disappointed with the finish of the match, which didn't quite go to plan.

"Next up was Ruby Soho, she was a pleasure to work with as well. Very easy, very experienced," she added. "It was a great match, it was a banger. The finish wasn't the best finish that I would have loved to give everybody. It was more so, me trying to push the button with going to the third rope, which she was like, 'no, we are not doing this.' I told her I was like, 'hey, if I feel it,' because the thing about it, as soon as we got up there we could have just went. It's literally as soon as I get it go, there wasn't like a pause, you've just got to go.

"When she told me, 'no,' I was like, 'alright, one, two, go.' Gave her the iggy and we were going. Whatever happened next, that's just what happened next, but things happen. I am living and learning, I am literally learning after every match, I watched that match. It's all on me, I take responsibility being that I am the heel and I call the match. I called that spot, and that was on me. Being that I am a leader, and I am learning, being that I have been put in a position to hold the belt, I plan to use that, run with it, and get better."

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