Rhea Ripley Wants WrestleMania Match Against WWE HOFer

WWE star Rhea Ripley joined Mark Andrews' My Love Letter To Wrestling podcast to talk about her career in WWE to this point.

Ripley was asked if she was proud of being the first-ever WWE NXT UK Women's Champion, and she confirmed that she is, in fact, very proud.

"I do, I really, really do," Ripley said. "And I'm proud that I got to be a part of that brand and like help sort of build it in a way as well. But yeah, being the first person to be the NXT UK Women's Champion, it was a lot of pressure. But I felt like Hunter and Shawn sort of trusted me with that and that was a different sort of pride that I had in myself as well. And if I could go back and have another crack at it, I would."

During her WWE career, Rhea Ripley has won the NXT UK Women's Championship, the NXT Women's Championship, the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships with former partner Nikki A.S.H. and the WWE RAW Women's Championship. She was asked which title victory meant the most to her.

"It's really tough to choose," Ripley said. "They're all so incredible and prestigious and you just, you feel so special when you do hold a championship; like you feel like you're accomplishing so much. I think that for me, personally, the build of the NXT Women's Championship was my all-time favorite. Being in the ring with Shayna, like, I can't top that.

"Yes I did win the Raw Women's Championship from Asuka at WrestleMania and I had the band and everything and all the people and that was really, really cool as it was. But I think that the NXT one and having the crowd come in afterward and have like, my own little mosh pit and everything up to that moment was just so perfect and that makes it probably my top one to be completely honest."

Ripley was also asked who her dream opponent for WrestleMania would be. Ripley took the answer one step further, revealing both the opponent, where she'd want the match to take place, and what title it would be for.

"I say this all the time, but I want to wrestle Beth Phoenix," Ripley revealed. "I really do and if it was her that was holding, let's say the Smackdown Women's Championship because that's one that I haven't got yet. If it was me and Beth Phoenix for the Smackdown Women's Championship in Adelaide, South Australia, dude, that would be absolutely incredible.

"And then if I were to win like, that would just top it off as well because then I would be the first person to hold the NXT UK, the NXT Women's Championship, the bloody Raw, the Team Team, and the Smackdown Championships."

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