RVD Confirms He Contacted WWE About Competing In Royal Rumble

As a special guest of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Rob Van Dam spoke about the WWE Royal Rumble that has passed and whether or not he wanted to appear in the match. Just last month, RVD spoke about not having contact with WWE or AEW to appear or wrestle for either company. Fast forward to now and the former WWE Champion revealed that he contacted WWE and told them he was available for the Rumble if they needed him.

"Could that happen? Absolutely," RVD said, regarding having one more match in WWE. "I let them know that I was available if they wanted me, needed me for the Royal Rumble and I was on standby with a brand new outfit feeling great in great condition and they didn't call me in. Could happen any time but I don't have any plans for it. I would consider any situation from any company, I would consider it. If it's right, it's right."

Continuing to talk about RVD, the former ECW star spoke about how his career isn't over yet and what the future holds for him. At 51 years old and having wrestled since 1990, the WWE Hall of Famer said he's still scheduled to have more matches in the future.

"I'm not done with my career because right now, I have maybe four or five matches booked," RVD said. "These aren't matches that will be televised by WWE or anyone else that I know of. Probably won't be seen by all the fans worldwide."

Speaking of the Royal Rumble, fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was scheduled to start a program at the show but was told it was nixed while he was at the show. Rumors of WWE locker room morale being very low have come out since the end of the match. It was also reported that Shane McMahon, who was the agent for the match, was let go by WWE immediately after receiving a harsh response from talent in the locker room.

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