Tegan Nox Learned About Split From Shotzi Blackheart Via Twitter

Tegan Nox discussed her split from Shotzi on the latest episode of Into The Danger Zone w/ Chris Denker. For a team poised to become WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, the sudden split was shocking for both individuals.


"It was pretty difficult. Me and Shotzi got quite close during that whole stint," Newell revealed. "I was driving, Shotzi was in the seat next to me, and Toni [Storm] was in the back, and she said "oh my god, you're on Raw, we're on Raw." Then she went "wait, no, I'm still on Smackdown. They made a mistake."

For anyone who might believe every wrestler has advanced notice of Draft moves, Tegan Nox states otherwise. Unfortunately, the split blindsided them. For a team many expected to become champions, not even Tegan Nox & Shotzi themselves saw it coming.

"No idea. We were number one contenders for like 6, 7 weeks. We won God knows how many number one contendership matches. But no, they didn't give us any indication. We just found out on Twitter."


While Tegan Nox's run on the main roster ended abruptly, perhaps her time in WWE would've played out differently if she stayed in NXT. Remaining in NXT might've been the one thing to keep her spirits up during a dark period. Her feud with Dakota Kai might've had additional milage if Tegan had any say in the matter.

A long-term program between Dakota and a healthy Tegan Nox was not in the cards because her time in NXT ended quickly after she returned. Her main roster tenure also ended with little to show for it. It was a disappointing time all around for Nox.

"With all the knee surgeries and stuff, I never felt like I got a good run in NXT. I was enjoying my time in NXT. My feud with Dakota is probably my favorite wrestling situation I've ever been involved in. It was so much fun."

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