Patrick Clark (fka WWE NXT Superstar The Velveteen Dream) recently spoke to Dishing Drama with Dana Wilkey. During the interview, he spoke about taking his job in WWE seriously, and how he helped to train new talent.

“In my time working with the company, I have taken that time very serious,” he said. “If you worked with me, and I have worked with a lot of people, whether they would like to admit to it or not, I have worked with a lot of people that walked through the doors of the company, from 2016 to my departure. The week before I got released, I was in there training with the new talent, so I am sure someone has taken offense to the way that I do my job, but as the audience can see, I did my job well and it was for great reason, it was to entertain and to engage. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had something to say.

The Velveteen Dream recalled being called up to the main roster before his release. He spent time backstage which might have pissed people off because he didn’t want to shake hands during the height of the pandemic.

“I was called up Monday Night Raw, maybe the week I was released, maybe two weeks before, can’t remember. But again, I am shy, they want you to shake everyone’s hand,” he said. “They have a whole little game that is played amongst the talent. The older talent, or the veterans, if you will, of the fake fighting world that want to put the new guys of the fake fighting world through.

“Everyone’s a tough guy, so you know, I don’t play by those rules. Especially during COVID. I’m not shaking everyone’s hand, I am not getting up in everyone’s face, you’re not wearing a mask in the locker room. I am sure I pissed someone off that day.”

The Velveteen Dream also reflected on the fact that people don’t always get along. However, he admitted that good professionals know how to act when they’re representing WWE.

“Oh, most certainly,” he said on if some talent dislikes each other. “But the real professionals know how to put that aside, at least when they are out and about in public when they are representing the company playing their characters. They can put that aside when they’re out there because they have to. It’s only right, you did sign a contract at the end of the day, there’s still business at hand.”

The former North American Champion then discussed the drama that can take place in wrestling. He admitted it is easy to throw in an extra shot to someone and then claim they agreed to it.

“It’s easy to throw an extra punch in there or a kick that really lands,” he said. “Then say, ‘I thought that’s what we talked about in the back, I thought that’s what we agreed to.’ It’s like, ‘you know damn well we didn’t agree to that,’ it’s a lot of drama.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Dishing Drama with Dana Wilkey, with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription. 

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