Billy Gunn Is Open To A New Age Outlaws Reunion In AEW

AEW's Billy Gunn spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman earlier today on The Wrestling Inc. Daily about the possibility of reuniting with Road Dogg in AEW.

His former New Age Outlaws tag team partner is currently a free agent, meaning he is available. Gunn admits he is open to it, but concedes Road Dogg does not want to wrestle right now.

"I would love to, and I think Road Dogg would like to come in," he revealed. "But, he doesn't want to do any wrestling stuff. I think he would be awesome for promos and a producer and stuff because he's very good at that. He's probably one of the best guys on the planet to do that, all the backstage stuff. Yeah, would it be fun to see us as a special attraction, like the lion that's covered up?

"I think it would be fun for the people to see us, if they heard the, 'oh you didn't know,' they would probably lose their minds. I'm thinking they would. It would be great to have him here because like I said, we still have an awesome relationship. He's probably the one that I have the best relationship with in the wrestling business anyway."

Billy Gunn also revealed that the two of them were recently at a signing together. He said that their relationship has not changed, even though they've not spoken in a long time.

"We were just together at a signing and the boys were there and it was like nothing had changed. Because we hadn't seen each other for a long time, like a couple of years," he said. "Other than a 'hey, how're you doing,' through the airport kind of thing. Because we both had what we were doing. He was with somebody else, I was with another company. But that doesn't mean that we don't talk to each other. So, yeah, it would be fun to do some stuff, because when we're together, we are like little kids."

Gunn is in brilliant shape right now, which has been praised heavily as of late. He admitted that he's this way because his life is good, and everything he is doing is on point.

"My life is really good right now. I don't know, I mean I'm blessed I guess because I don't really do anything except go to the gym, my nutrition is on point, all my stuff is on point, and I live a really good lifestyle right now. I take care of myself and I'm not off the rails anymore. But I still do this at a high level and I have two boys that push me."

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