Booker T Is Open To One-On-One Match With AEW Star

During the latest episode of his Hall Of Fame Podcast Booker T called out AEW's Dax Harwood.

The FTR star had spoken about him on social media, with rumors of them facing Harlem Heat surfacing. The WWE legend took the time to respond to Harwood, making it clear he will slap him.


"Dax Harwood, right? He called me, and actually said, 'hey, this, that, whatnot and the other. They are willing to do this, they don't have to answer to anybody. If anything I have got to answer to my daddy.' Let's just get that straight real quick," he said. "I don't have to answer to anyone. Of course, I work for a company, and they treat me very well. But when it comes time to having to deal with someone on a personal level, like Will Smith, I will slap the taste clean out of your mouth."

Booker T then went on to call out Harwood making it clear a Harlem Heat reunion depends on his brother. But if that doesn't happen, Booker has no issues with a singles match. The former World Champion stated he will happily school him in the ring.


"My thing is this, I can't make my brother do anything, I can't make Harlem Heat reform like old school back in the day. But I just want to put this out there, and Dax Harwood I want you to know personally. I have nothing personally against you. But, as far as stepping inside the squared circle and schooling you, I would love to do that," he said. "I see you are a student of the game, you're like a throwback to back in the day, remind me of Arn Anderson and Ole Anderson, Minnesota Wrecking Crew back in the day. But, even the Wrecking Crew can take the wrecking ball.

"So my thing is this, if my brother can not step up and be partners, may I have a partner of my choosing, and we still get this done? Or, Dax, you and I handle this like men, one on one. Let me know, hit me in the DMs."

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