Brock Lesnar Discusses If Logan Paul Could Become A Wrestler

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar has given his thoughts on Logan Paul during an interview with New York Post. The YouTube star and his brother have been able to translate their success into boxing and wrestling. That's something that the Beast thinks is good for YouTube, and something they worked for.


"Great for YouTube," Lesnar told The Post. "I'm happy for those guys. They worked at something, they built their name up. They thought outside the box, they promoted themselves."

Logan Paul will be stepping into the ring to compete in his first-ever match at WrestleMania 38. While he was involved in the show last year, eating a Stunner from Kevin Owens after his match with Sami Zayn. This time, Logan is wrestling, as he teams up with The Miz to face Rey Mysterio, and Dominik Mysterio.

Brock Lesnar gave his thoughts on whether or not the YouTube sensation could end up being a WWE Superstar. "Can he become a professional wrestler?" Lesnar said. "Maybe if he puts as much ambition into that."

Brock Lesnar then went on to talk about hard work in general. The Beast has pushed himself throughout his career, whether that is in wrestling, MMA, or farming. It is something that he takes great pride in, but he believes that everybody could thrive like that. However, it all comes down to laziness, which is something that annoys Brock.


"These things aren't given to me people. I take them. I f–king take everything that I want because I put my mind, my heart and my soul into it," Lesnar said. "I'm a butcher, I'm a farmer, I'm a father, I'm a husband. I put my whole f–king soul into everything I do. I don't think people do that. Could you do your f–king job better? You probably could. I think everybody could. That's the laziness, that's the (complacency). That's what pisses me off."