During a recent Superstar Crossover, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair talked about her career coming full circle – from winning the WWE Women’s Championship the last time WrestleMania was in Texas, to this year when she will face Ronda Rousey. Flair believes that she has been fortunate over her career.

“I don’t know, I feel like it hasn’t hit me but it has. I am sure that week there’s going to be a lot of emotions, just because it means so much to me. Not even as a performer and like being nervous or what it feels like,” she said. “But I am like, ‘man, I did it.’ My career is coming full circle. I won the Raw Women’s Championship, the inaugural championship WrestleMania 32 at AT&T Stadium, and now seven years later, it’s Rousey vs. Flair in the main event. I’ve just been so fortunate, it’s crazy.”

Charlotte Flair discussed her match with the former UFC star in more detail. Flair admitted that she has high expectations for them. Flair wants their match to steal the weekend.

“I do have high expectations,” she revealed. “I know that we are going to have the best match of both nights and steal the show, I am the mountain that she has to climb. But I don’t know, just like, ‘dang, how did I get here? I did it.’ You know what I mean?”

With Charlotte Flair having accomplished so much in her career, a lot of people have wondered what is next for her. That’s something she doesn’t know herself. However, Flair says that she’s still looking to improve.

“I know, everyone keeps asking me that,” on what is next for her. “But I don’t even look at it that way. I’m still someone that’s like, ‘man, how do I get better? Should I change up my robe, work on my promo skills?’ I am still that talent that has that chip on their shoulder, ‘what have I got to do to make it?’ You would never hear me say that on a promo on Raw or SmackDown. But I think behind the scenes, I am always looking for ways to get better or ways to prove myself. So to say what is there to do next? I don’t know.”

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