Hangman Page Talks His Response To Kane’s Comments On The Russia – Ukraine War

During the post-AEW Revolution media scrum, Adam 'Hangman' Page discussed his potential next challenger. The Cowboy was able to defeat Adam Cole in the main event of the PPV this past Sunday, defending the title. Meanwhile, earlier on in the night, CM Punk beat MJF in a dog collar match.


After his encounter, Punk signaled that he wants a title shot by posing on the top turnbuckle. That is something that excited the current champion, who admits he grew up watching the former WWE Superstar. He would welcome the decision if it came his way.

"Frighten me? No, excite me," he said on CM Punk wanting a title shot. "Of course, a good portion of our roster I grew up watching, he of course is one of them. His entrance tonight was just incredible, chills down my spine. I completely welcome if that's what he said, we will find out Wednesday I assume."

Hangman Page also reflected on his recent Twitter interaction with WWE Hall Of Famer Kane. The AEW star responded to Kane's comments regarding the Russia – Ukraine conflict. The comments from him had left a lot of people frustrated, and Page then fired back with links to UNICEF's "Support Children of Ukraine" and "Ukraine Crisis Relief" fundraisers. He also shared a video of Kane receiving chair shots to the head.


"I think I searched it verbatim and it was a real thing," he said on the Kane chair shot video. "I probably just typed in, 'Kane, chairs' or something, and it was the first thing that showed up. Some of those were very brutal, Jesus Christ. I am glad we don't do that too much anymore, thank god for that."

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