Former WWE Superstar JTG recently spoke with Muscle Man Malcolm about Shad Gaspard.

Since his unfortunate passing in 2020, fans have been campaigning for him to receive the Warrior Award at the Hall Of Fame. Shad passed away saving his son after they were caught in a riptide.

JTG believes that his former tag team partner deserves to have that honor this year. So far, WWE has not revealed who will be the recipient of that annual award. The Undertaker will be the headline name this year.

“It would definitely have to be the Warrior Award,” JTG said. “You know, Shad did a heroic act, sacrificing his life for his son. But if it wasn’t his son, if it was somebody else out there, he would have probably done the same act. Shoot, if it was me, he would have probably done that for me. Shad has always had this hero mindset, years before that, he stopped a burglary at a gas station.

“Shad has always done something where he’s rescuing or saving somebody. I remember at a club, some guy was getting into his girl’s face and Shad put an end to that guy and threw the guy. ‘You don’t put no hand on no lady,’ cleaned that up real quick.”

JTG also touched on Cody Rhodes. He had campaigned to face him in AEW during his TNT open challenge, but that match never took place. JTG believes that’s because he didn’t want the smoke from him. However, he is still open to doing the match.

“Cody didn’t want no smoke with the God, he did not want no smoke with the God. He might have said my name, but if he really wanted to get in the ring with Jay The God, that match would have happened. Looks like he’s still running,” JTG joked. “What’s good, Cody? I didn’t forget you, I did not forget you at all. We don’t need no TNT Championship, just me and you, baby.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Muscle Man Malcolm with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription. 

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