During a recent interview with My Love Letter To Pro Wrestling, Natalya reflected on the original Hart Dungeon.

She spoke about the different wrestlers that have been trained within that building and revealed that even Muhammad Ali stepped inside.

“The original dungeon, it’s where some of the most infamous pro wrestlers/sports entertainers have come from,” she said. “Like, you know my uncle, British Bulldog, Dynamite Kid, Owen Hart, my dad, Jim Neidhart, my uncle Bret Hart. My grandfather Stu basically put people in the Dungeon and basically tested their wrestling skills. And there was no rope. Just like walls and mats.

“The Hart house, you know, obviously was where all the Hart family members came from. But so many incredible people trained the Dungeon. Everybody from Greg Valentine to Gorilla Monsoon, and my grandfather just trained so many amazing people. Muhammad Ali was in there. And so, it was the holy grail of a pro wrestling school.”

Recently, Natalya and her husband TJ Wilson have been training people in their own time. They have taken wrestlers like Liv Morgan and helped to impart their wisdom upon them and noted that it is because he wanted to train people, which he also did with Tyson Fury.

“So during the pandemic, my husband and I being crazy fanatical, we have to have a ring. You know? We were, you know, even though we’re very embedded in the business, we’re still big fans of the business. We really love the business, and TJ actually was gifted the ring,” she said. “It’s so, so cool and it was one of those things where he was like, ‘I want to train, I want a place where if anyone needs to work on stuff, they can come train’.

“So the powers that be in WWE were like, ‘that’s great.’ Because if, you know, people want to go over a match. So somebody like TJ trained Tyson Fury. It’s a safe, private spot where people can work on their craft.”

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