The new Intercontinental Champion Ricochet recently spoke with WWE Deutschland about winning the title. He reflected on it being the work rate championship that typically produces great matches. He believes that is something that suits him perfectly as a wrestler.

“Yeah, I think that’s great, that’s been who Ricochet has been since he started wrestling. He’s always been the guy,” Ricochet claimed. “I’ve always said, it doesn’t matter if it’s two minutes or if it’s 20 minutes. If you’re sitting in the audience, as soon as Ricochet pops up on the titantron, you know something cool is about to happen. Something exciting is about to happen.

“So I think being Intercontinental Champion, like you said, those guys back in the day, the Bret Hart’s, the Shawn Michaels. The guys who were going to go out there and work. That’s Ricochet to a tee. Just like Shawn, just like Bret, like all those guys. Open door, open challenge to anybody who wants to come out there. Because I honestly feel like Ricochet is at the top of his game. Not only at the top of his game, but when he’s in the squared circle, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anybody better than him.”

Right now, Ricochet does not have an opponent at WrestleMania 38. When he looks at the roster, he believes a lot of the SmackDown stars are currently locked into matches right now. However, Ricochet does think him against anybody would produce a great encounter.

“If I had a list of people, it’s crazy,” Ricochet admitted. “The first person that pops into my mind is Apollo. Obviously, anybody on the roster. I know at the moment SmackDown is kind of full with Drew and Corbin, obviously, Roman has got a match, Shinsuke has got a match. All of these guys have kind of guy a spot, as far as SmackDown goes, I think everybody is kind of already in a spot.

“But there is so many people, Cedric would be a good one, Ali would be a good one. Obviously, Rey Mysterio would be a good one, Seth Rollins would be a good one. There’s so many guys, that’s the thing about the roster nowadays. Between Raw and SmackDown, we have got the best people. You can have a list of names on a wall and take a dart and throw it. Whoever you land on, especially with me, it’s going to be a good match. Me vs. Anybody on the roster it’s going to be a good match.”

When it comes to what type of match he’d ideally like at WrestleMania, Ricochet would prefer a singles bout. He wants the chance to showcase what he is capable of inside the ring. That is something Ricochet feels like he hasn’t been able to do just yet.

“If we are choosing WrestleMania, I’d just like a regular singles match,” he said. “Because I specifically haven’t really had a chance to have a match longer than like 10 minutes. When the bell rings, I haven’t really had that opportunity to go out there and show everybody what Ricochet is about.

“I have done it consecutively week after week after week for like two minutes here and there for three years now. But I’ve not really been able to go out there and have a main event title match. So, I think it would be a good chance for Ricochet to show everybody he’s got so much more still in there.”

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