Update On When AEW Could Introduce Trios Titles

During the recent media call ahead of this weekend's AEW Revolution, Tony Khan spoke about the potential of creating some trios titles for the roster.

The AEW President admits he has an interest in the idea. However, he is more receptive to that when Kenny Omega returns from injury.

"So, I definitely think it is something there is a lot of interest in, I have seen that. We have a lot of great trios here, I am very interested in it. I will be 100% honest with you, this is the most blunt answer I could give: I am much more receptive to doing it when Kenny Omega is back. Because I think that is going to happen," he added. "And when Kenny Omega is back, I think the trios division is that much stronger.

"We could do a great tournament now, and have a great trios division, but I think he would make it that much stronger. I have so much respect for him, and I think he was such a great World Champion for us. And I think we could have by far the best trios division that anybody could put together with how strong our roster is and how many trios are already together and have experience working together. I would love for Kenny Omega to be a part of it."

Tony Khan also touched on the recent promo that MJF cut on AEW Dynamite. He was heavily praised for his words, and Tony put over how extraordinary the wrestler is. He believes that it is important to not let that become routine, or take it for granted.

"Well, again, working in sports you work with extraordinary people. MJF is one of the most extraordinary people, he has a talent. And he has a number of talents. He is a very well-rounded pro wrestler. Which means he has got a number of different talents that it takes to be a well-rounded pro wrestler because you need a number of skills to be that. He has them all.

"When you're in professional sports you get to work with extraordinary people, and you get to watch them do extraordinary things, and it becomes almost routine. I never take for granted the extraordinary things they do. I never want to let it be routine or take something for granted when MJF goes out and does something. I've heard him give some of the best promos in modern wrestling, and what he went out and said, it was very moving, and it moved a lot of people.

"It spoke to a lot of people, and he was not the person they expected to hear it from. Which I think made it that much more impactful of a statement. I thought it was phenomenal what he said and what he did out there. I don't think that's at all inconsistent with who MJF is and what he is capable of. He's a phenomenal person that does extraordinary things.

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Full audio from Tony Khan's AEW Revolution media call is available as part of today's The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast release. It is already available at YouTube.com/WrestlingInc.

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