Adam Cole Reveals The “Biggest Negative” To Working With Britt Baker In AEW

AEW's Adam Cole recently spoke with Stephanie Chase about getting to work with Britt Baker in AEW. While he got the chance to do it on the independent scene, he was excited to do that again when joining his new company.


"That was really cool, there was a phase where I finished up with ROH before I was going to go to NXT. For three months, I had been doing independent shows leading up to my NXT debut," he said. "This was right around the time when I started dating Britt, so I would be booked on shows where she would also be booked on the show. And we got to team a couple of times in that three-month period, which was really cool.

"Then I, of course, go to NXT, Britt is with AEW. I get to watch Britt develop into this amazing performer that she's turned into. So coming in AEW, of course, right away, I am thinking, 'oh man, it's going to be so cool and so much fun when we get the chance to team up together.' It just felt like the right time at that moment to be able to go that route in the angle I was doing with Orange Cassidy."


Adam Cole stated that getting the chance to work on the same roster is a lot of fun. He thinks that the difference between being able to walk with her backstage to talking on Facetime is nicer.

"There's a picture of us, or maybe it's a GIF, where we are standing there warming up, standing in the ring. Britt's in her gear, I am in my gear, and we are looking at the entrance ramp. It makes me so happy," he added. "For years, me and Britt have always been used to long-distance relationships because that's how we started.

"So getting to actually be behind the curtain when she walks through, or walk to the ring with her vs. a five-minute Facetime afterward is much nicer. Like you said, a lot of people know that we are together but we haven't really acknowledged that on-screen, so I am glad we got the chance to do that on-screen and have that match."

When it comes to thinking of a con for working with his partner, it is down to worry. Adam Cole admits he is more concerned for Britt during her matches than he is ahead of his own.

"It's interesting when you're in there with someone that you love so much. You do worry about them more than normal. When Britt wrestles in a big match, like the cage match she had with Thunder Rosa, I get more nervous for that than my own stuff. I still get very nervous for my own performances," he stressed. "But when it's someone that you care about, you worry about their safety and all that stuff.


"I am back there just pacing and watching the whole time. So being in there and watching her, like if something looks like it was a nasty fall or whatever, I try my best to stay in that Adam Cole zone of not thinking about anything else other than the match. So, I would say the biggest negative, if you want to call it one, is that I worry about her more."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Stephanie Chase with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.