A new wrestling Twitter feud started and may have ended in the span of the day between Adam Scherr, fka Braun Strowman, and former WCW star Buff Bagwell.

The on-line exchanges began when Bagwell tweeted a joke about joining Control Your Narrative, a new wrestling promotion Scherr formed with fellow wrestler EC3 earlier this year.

“I just joined CYN,” Bagwell tweeted. “Wait, never mind, it was just gas.”

Needless to say, Scherr did not take Bagwell’s joke well. Hours later, the former Braun Strowman tweeted back at Bagwell, including bringing up Bagwell being arrested in the past.

“Funny you gonna try and throw shade cause what you think it’s the cool thing to do,” Scherr tweeted. “You wanna look edgy?? Cause you sure were a mark asking to take a picture with me. You should probably worry about your narrative.”

Scherr didn’t stop there, continuing to rip into Bagwell when responding to fans.

“It’s sad isn’t it,” Scherr said to a fan. “Also imagine being someone defending those actions like they are ok.”

This response was enough for Buff Bagwell to respond to Scherr. The former WCW Tag Team Champion tweeted out a report of Scherr being arrested in 2013 and also commented on Scherr bringing up a recent photo between the two of them.

“Should I have done it on the water?” Bagwell tweeted rhetorically. “Adam Scherr, something about glass houses. I’m open about my past mistakes, and tend not to bring others up against them. You got offended because I made a joke about something I didn’t even know you were part of because I didn’t know you. My agent wanted me to get a picture with you, it was no different than any other fan I took a picture with that weekend.”

Bagwell’s tweet naturally received a response from Scherr, who claimed his incident was not an arrest and was before he signed with WWE. For clarity, the story Bagwell cited suggests it took place on month after his signing.

Following that, Scherr seemed to soften his stance against Bagwell, suggesting wrestlers should stick together and shouldn’t take a shot at “the boys.” Scherr has previously drawn controversy for doing the opposite of that, which include critical statements on indie wrestlers.

“Did I get a driving ticket on a boat yes,” Scherr tweeted. “The rest of that picture you posted is fake. I wasn’t with WWE definitely didn’t spend the night in jail. Paid my ticket and went on about life. And I’ll man up right now and admit I came at you to hard. I went for the kill. And shouldn’t have.

“I understand you didn’t know I was apart of CYN. But imagine you being one of the boys taking shots at a place giving work to other wrestlers. We should be sticking together to better the industry. It’s toxic enough with the IWC. We shouldn’t be going at each other of social. Best wishes.”

That tweet was enough for Buff Bagwell to cool down himself, and he appeared to end the Twitter beef in his last response to Scherr as of this writing. He also included some words of wisdom for Scherr.

“I agree we should be sticking together,” Bagwell tweeted. “But we also need to listen to the fans, even the ones we don’t like because they pay our bills. Let’s all be better. Much love brother.”

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