Booker T Gives Cody Rhodes Props Over Recent Admission

During the latest episode of the Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed wrestlers being in positions of authority, on and off TV.

"It's like Sonya Deville, sometimes she's got the jacket on, sometimes she's got the jacket off, it doesn't work out for me," he said. "I think Cody being in that position where he had to make decisions, then go out there and work. Then make decisions for other guys, go out there and work. The focus can not be on trying to be, like he said, the greatest wrestler in the world. And I think that right there is something that is very important to Cody."


Booker T then discussed the situation surrounding Cody Rhodes' Executive Vice President spot in AEW more. He thinks the fact that Cody was mature enough to admit that it was a mistake is something that deserves props.

"Most wrestlers think that they are the best wrestler in the world. At least top five, that's what I thought. I never said I was the best wrestler in the world, I just said top five, that could have been one. But I didn't want to put myself in that position or put that label on myself. But, the guys in the business that work at the top level, if they do not think that they are the best wrestler in the world, they are in the wrong line of work.

"So, definitely, I think Cody being able to realize that, to understand that, and have the maturity to say, 'this is not working for me right now at this age.' Like he said, 'I think I might need to be a little bit older to want to handle those responsibilities,' and I give him a lot of props for that. Because a lot of guys would never be able to admit, 'I wasn't ready for that,' so I give him big props for that."


When it comes to truly being one of the best in the world, Booker T believes that it is important to be well-rounded. That is something he feels Daniel Bryan achieved during his WWE career. The Hall Of Famer stated that when you get to that point, everything else falls into place.

"You know what, the fans bought into Daniel Bryan, the Yes chant, he created all of that," Booker said. "That's what I am talking about right there. When you go out, and you figure it out, I don't think you have to do anything else. Everything else just falls in line after that. You don't have to worry about the checks coming in the mailbox. The checks just coming, they're getting bigger and bigger.

"When you find yourself thinking from those perspectives, not just going out there and wrestling. Daniel Bryan in the WWE, not Bryan Danielson, Daniel Bryan, was a well-rounded performer on all levels. So I say that if guys can tap into that, they'll figure out how to get to that next level. But, I'll tell you right now, it's very, very hard as far as breaking through that glass ceiling."

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