Booker T Weighs In On WWE Splitting Up MVP And Bobby Lashley

During the latest Hall Of Fame podcast episode, Booker T weighed in on WWE splitting up MVP and Bobby Lashley.

That was the decision taken by WWE to make MVP the manager of Omos and Booker believes the All-Mighty needed MVP as his frontman at the time.


"It's not for me to like it or not. I thought The Hurt Business did some really good work," he said. "With MVP at the helm throughout the pandemic, and definitely put a light on that group. I really believe MVP was the spark behind Bobby Lashley, I really do. I always thought perhaps Bobby needed that frontman to actually do that part of the work for him. Then he go out and be the clean-up man in the middle of that ring."

Booker T also made it clear that he believes the company is pushing Bobby Lashley right now. If he's going to be a top babyface, the former Harlem Heat star doesn't think that MVP could be by his side.

"As far as Bobby Lashley, I think I said it about a month ago, 'it looks to me like they were building Bobby up to be something extraordinary.' Bobby Lashley right now, of course, he can be looked at as the babyface," he said. "We were just talking about who's going to be the guy to challenge Roman? I don't know, I'm just saying, if I was a booker, I would perhaps see it that way. For Bobby to be that babyface, MVP can't be there at the helm. He just can't be there, he can't be flanking Bobby if that's what route we're going."


Booker T looked at the new partnership between Omos and MVP, which began on the post-WrestleMania edition of RAW. For him, the giant wrestler is someone who might need help in that department.

"Omos is definitely a person that may need a little help in that department as well," he said. "I think MVP is definitely the right man for that job right now, that he's doing."

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