During the latest Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about what his moment of the night was from WrestleMania 38. For the wrestling legend, it was the performance of Logan Paul that stood out. He felt that the YouTube star convinced people he’d been wrestling for a long time.

“I think my moment of the night would be Logan Paul,” Booker stated. “I think Logan Paul would take the gold medal as far as stepping inside of a professional wrestling ring, and as far as I know, for the first time in front of a live crowd, and do so well. He seemed so comfortable, it seemed like he had been doing this for quite some time.

“He convinced me, Logan Paul definitely convinced me that this guy has got talent. He’s one of those guys to where, I’ll use that analogy that I talk about all the time, he doesn’t have to actually know how to do it, but he acts like he knows how to do it. And he acts like it very well.”

Ultimately, The Miz would turn on Logan Paul after the match, dropping him with a Skull Crushing Finale. However, prior to that, Booker T felt that they could have had a run as tag team champions.

“For a minute I was thinking, they’re going to run with Logan Paul and The Miz and put the tag titles on these guys. Give them a run to next year, sign Logan Paul to a contract. That’s what I saw,” Booker said. “Because the chemistry between those two was awesome, no pun intended. The chemistry between them was unbelievable.”

Booker T felt that Logan did the job of making fans react, and believe in him. He thinks that is something that goes back to the build-up of the storyline. Because the social media star committed to everything The Miz was doing.

“That’s what I always say, man, if you can just pass the smell test. If you can go out and make fans react and give you what you’re looking for. I think Logan Paul being a guy that has played a role over the last few weeks with The Miz,” he said. “You know, backing The Miz’s play, everything The Miz do, even going out there and trashing his own city.

“Being a little reluctant but still going along with it, playing that role is so important. Me personally, when I was watching it on television, and I am watching The Miz run-down Cleveland, and then I am watching Logan being a little reluctant to what we are saying here. But still backing his play. It was awesome to see him understand that side of what we’re trying to do here. So, 100 percent kudos to Logan Paul.”

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