In an episode of The Pat McAfee Show recapping WrestleMania weekend, Pat McAfee talked about the aftermath of the incident where AJ Styles cut himself on the WrestleMania 38 star walking to the ring. According to McAfee, he was then warned about avoiding the star himself several times after the incident occurred.

“I was walking to gorilla which is obviously the last stop before you go out, and four different producers were like, ‘when you go out there, the bottom of the entrance is like a star, make sure you get to the middle because it is sharp on the side there,'” McAfee said. “I was like ‘okay, yeah.’ They’re like ‘well, AJ literally just ran his face into the side of it. He’s bleeding right now.’ I was like ‘what?’ I was like ‘AJ Styles is bleeding right now?’ ‘Match hasn’t started and he’s bleeding, so we need you not to do that too. Okay, thank you so much.’ And I was like ‘you got it.’

“Then the next producer came ‘hey, when you go out there, there’s a slant. Make sure you get all the way to the middle.’ I’m like, ‘oh yeah, why’s that?’ Like, now I’m gassing. ‘Well AJ Styles just ran his face into it, so we need that not to happen.’ ‘Okay, thank you so much. You saved my life.’ So then I’m walking four more steps, another producer ‘hey, on your entrance, I don’t know if you’ve heard or not.’ ‘Yep, got it. Face thing? Yeah, yeah, yeah.'”

One of the biggest moments of WrestleMania 38 was when Jackass cast member Wee Man hit Sami Zayn with a scoop slam. Pat McAfee questioned whether this moment made Wee Man the strongest human being of all time.

“Wee Man was standing there for a little bit,” McAfee said. “I mean, that wasn’t a quick pick him up, put him down. That was a walking around (slam). Wee Man ate that table a few weeks ago at Four Seasons. Now he’s picking people up. Is he the most, is he, per capita, the strongest pound-for-pound, size-for-size, human of all time?”

One moment that wasn’t as great was when Rick Boogs suffered a leg injury during the opening match on Night One of WrestleMania 38. Pat McAfee described his emotions when he found out Boogs suffered the injury.

“That was a pretty emotional moment in the back in the trailer or whatever,” McAfee said. “I don’t know what happened there. I think there was a little bit of a, I don’t know. I don’t know what happened. He’s done that like, I don’t know, probably 100 times. It’s a crazy game. Whenever I say that though, I thought to myself, ‘no sh-t, something can happen. Some freak thing can happen out of nowhere.'”

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