Sasha Banks Wants To Wrestle In Very Difficult To Get To Location

Sasha Banks recently spoke with Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast about her desire to wrestle a match in space. She wants to leave a legacy on the industry, and hitting a Frog Splash on Mars is part of her overall goal.


"It's like you said, if I am going to be here on this planet, why not be the first? Why not try to be Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk? Why not, why can't I try, why can't I think big? So I think I would love to go to space," she said. "I would love to be the first woman to put pro-wrestling on a different planet. Not the moon, let's say, Mars. It has to be a Frog Splash."

The space race is something that can be quite divisive amongst people. It creates real debate as to whether people actually landed on the moon, and Sasha Banks gave her thoughts. "From the pictures that I saw, I don't know. But maybe? You never know in this word, you never know. You really never know," she admitted.

Sasha Banks also spoke about her blue hair, revealing the worst thing to have ever happened with it. This took place in a match against Asuka, and was something she couldn't believe.


"I'll tell you the worst thing that has ever happened with my hair. I think it was Extreme Rules, 2020, it's the end of this match with Asuka. And Asuka is one of our top superstars, she is a badass and just the best," Sasha said. "We are fighting back and forth, and then she rolls me up and I just hear this rip. I feel like the wind is touching my braids, and I feel like my braids are exposed. My whole closure ripped in half, and now it's dangling over my face and we are on a live PPV. It was awful.

"I have to finish the match. I finish the match, and I am on the floor looking at my tag team partner, Bayley, and I am like, 'help me.' She's pulling my wig down, and she just goes, 'I can't.' It was awful. I just grabbed a towel and went, I can't get that beauty shot of me holding up the title because I ran to the back. I couldn't believe that."

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