Vickie Guerrero Gives Her Thoughts On Sasha Banks

AEW's Vickie Guerrero recently spoke with the What Culture Wrestling Podcast about the growth of women's wrestling throughout recent times.

Guerrero is happy to see the women finally have a voice in the ring, but she did admit they are hungry for more.

"Yeah, to have the women have a voice now inside the ring, and you see them getting these main event matches, and more time on TV. To have them be heard is really exciting for the women's division. There's still a lot more work to do," she said. "The women want more and that's exciting for us. To see how much we've been trusted to be on TV more, it is really exciting to see."

One wrestler that is thriving at the moment is Sasha Banks, who Vickie Guerrero has a connection with. The WWE Superstar is a huge Eddie Guerrero fan, and Vickie admits that Banks is a great wrestler.

"She's a great talent, she loves the industry, and she's quite the character," Vickie said. "So, to see her evolve in different phases in that, it's fun to see that. Yeah, we are in different companies and stuff, but I watch all the products, and to see all the women, and to see what they're doing in different promotions, it's really fun."

When it comes to AEW's women's division, Vickie Guerrero thinks there has been growth.

"You know, there's been a lot of growth in that division. With us hiring more women around the world like Toni Storm. It's really exciting to see we are getting so much diversity," she said. "To have them be a part of the locker room, it's just going to get better."

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