Backstage News On Sasha Banks And Naomi’s Issues With WWE Creative

Sasha Banks and Naomi's issues with WWE creative were largely based around the direction of their tag team and the women's tag team division as a whole, according to Fightful Select.

The report noted that Banks and Naomi were angling to work with Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop at the upcoming Hell in a Cell PLE, but those pitches were shot down. There was also a pitch to have Nikki and Doudrop interfere in the planned Naomi vs. Bianca Belair match at HIAC, which was also turned down.


As noted in earlier reports, WWE creative wanted Naomi and Banks to challenge Belair and Ronda Rousey for the RAW and SmackDown Women's Titles, respectively, at Hell in a Cell. This is why Naomi was to slated to win the planned six-pack challenge to determine the No. 1 contender to Belair's title. With Naomi and Sasha walking out of RAW, WWE was forced to have Asuka beat Becky Lynch in a singles match instead. WWE later announced that Asuka vs. Belair will take place at the next WWE PLE.

It was further noted by Fightful Select that Banks and Naomi – who were both part of the planned six-pack challenge on RAW – were not to interact physically during the match. The working plan was for Naomi to pin Nikki, not Naomi pinning Sasha Banks as previously speculated.


Those close to the situation also noted that Naomi and Banks didn't claim they didn't want to work with 'unsafe' opponents (presumably Doudrop and Nikki), though that was implied in WWE's statement. Instead, Banks and Naomi were reportedly just focused on improving the women's tag team division.

It was also noted that talent themselves hadn't heard that Sasha and Naomi considered anyone "unsafe" until WWE's statement was released. WWE talent also received the statement in their internal talent relations app.

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Meanwhile, WrestleVotes is reporting that the WWE statement regarding the Sasha Banks / Naomi walkout "is just the baseline of the details." It was noted that the tension leading up to the walkout was palpable all day, with both wrestlers upset at something that transpired.

Stay tuned for updates on the developing story.