Former WWE Superstar Jaxson Ryker (Gunner) asked his Twitter followers to “rise up” against abortion and homosexuality on Monday.

Rise up! Rise up against abortion, against homosexuality, against gender agenda, against that which Goes against the Word. Share love in doing so. We all have faced times in sin where a brother or sister showed us Jesus and his love. Church we must love and speak truth

Ryker’s comment was met with a lot of criticism from fans and wrestlers such Tay Conti, Lance Storm, Andrew Everett and several other indie wrestlers.

Last week, Ryker took exception to CM Punk wearing a pro-choice shirt on AEW Dynamite. He was called out by several wrestlers for his anti-abortion stance as well.

Since his WWE release last November, Ryker has wrestled a few shows in Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina, but hasn’t been booked for any major indie events.

Earlier this year, Jaxson Ryker responded to people who consider him to be a racist and a bigot.

“I got called a racist, a bigot, just so many different things [after my pro-Donald Trump tweet] it blew my mind,” Ryker told Wrestling for the Faith podcast. “First of all, I have a mixed half-sister, as a boy from the age of five to seven or eight, I lived in basically an all-black neighborhood. Some of my best friends in high school, blacks. I have never once been the guy who on social media threw out an N-bomb, or even say that word. You know what I mean?

“There was certain talent who could go out on live TV and have the BLM logo on their trunks. Or certain talent who could tweet about pro-abortion views and all this stuff. So this is really where my stint with WWE, it’s like the spirit started to work within me to go, ‘maybe this isn’t for you. This company isn’t for you, so we are going to bide our time here.’ That’s when I really started praying, ‘Lord, when it’s time for the door to close, let this thing shut.’ And when it did in November, I was at peace about it.”

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