Former WWE Star Makes AEW Debut On Tonight’s Dynamite

As noted last week, MJF set up a "mystery opponent" for his former ally, Wardlow, to wrestle this week on AEW Dynamite.

It was never specified who exactly the opponent would be, however, it was teased that he "is smarter than you, stronger than you, and who is taller than you, and you can't teach that." The way the lines were dished out had many fans believing that W. Morrissey, formerly known as Big Cass in WWE, would be appearing in AEW.


That ended up being exactly right, as William Morrissey was revealed as Wardlow's mystery opponent on tonight's show. It was noted that this was the largest opponent Wardlow has ever faced in All Elite Wrestling.

The two massive athletes traded back and forth strikes and power moves throughout the match, but in the end, Wardlow was still able to pull out the victory. After hitting an impressive moonsault off the top rope, Wardlow picked up the 7 ft. Morrissey to hit his finishing powerbomb for the victory.

This past January, Morrissey made it clear that his ongoing goal is to become the top star in Impact Wrestling. Despite it being his first performance with AEW, the announcers pushed the idea that Morrissey is still an Impact star.


"You know, in terms of how long I'm there or what I'm making, that's nobody's business. That's just my opinion. But yeah, I'm with IMPACT right now, and my goal is to be the face of the company. Everybody thinks they know until they don't know," Morrissey said. "People feel entitled to know everything, especially personal business. I don't think that's right or appropriate. What's my business is my business, and I'm going to keep that between me and them. All I will say is that I'm going to keep busting my ass to help IMPACT grow, and I'm going to keep busting my ass until I am the top guy there. So, for now, I'm with IMPACT wrestling for the foreseeable future. As far as everything else goes, everyone else can keep speculating."