Wardlow Promises To Set Powerbomb World Record On MJF

Wardlow is hoping to create a record-breaking moment when he finally gets his hands on MJF this weekend.

The AEW star spoke with "Shak Wrestling" about his storyline with his former Pinnacle stablemate, with the two of them potentially set to collide at AEW's Double Or Nothing this weekend. Wardlow has to defeat Shawn Spears inside a steel cage on tonight's "AEW Dynamite," with MJF as a special guest referee, to earn that match. Should it end up happening, a victory at Double or Nothing would see Wardlow free of MJW's contractual control.

"There will be a world record set," Wardlow said, referring to his "Powerbomb Symphony," which sees him deliver multiple powerbombs to his opponent. "I am looking to powerbomb him until I physically cannot anymore."

Since turning on his employer at AEW Revolution to help CM Punk win a dog collar match against MJF, AEW fans have gotten behind Wardlow massively, which is "the ultimate dream come true" for him. Wardlow has consistently been one of the most popular stars on the show in recent weeks, a situation he is still, "trying to comprehend."

"It's one thing to have your own action figure, to be in a video game, to be a professional wrestler, but for me, the real dream is having an arena full of people chanting my name consistently, week after week wanting, to see Wardlow," he said. "It's something that I've thought about and I've created in my head since I was literally in elementary school, I've thought about this. So I have to take the time and really sit back and go, 'This is happening, this is real, it's happening right now.' But man, it's truly the best feeling in the entire world, and nothing can compare to it."

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